Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Walking is Free, We ended our Monday with a nice family walk. For Patience we make it more like a game for her instead of excerise. Tonight Jerry went one way and The girls and I went the other and we met half way. Whoever made it to the middle was the winner!!!! Our walks with Patience are about 45 minutes. And we also toss the ball around in the yard or play the Wii.
Something to stay active.

Food Diary

I have decided to start taking pictures of what we are eating so that it will be visual.

For Breakfast One Whey Protein Shake, with 4 Ice cubes, and 1 Banana - Whey Protein Shake mix can be found in Walmart or health food stores. It is optional but you may add a Tablespoon of Almond Butter or all Natural peanut butter.
Mix it up try different berries and fruits. The Whey Protein tastes alot better than Slim Fast and better for you. Water is added to the mix about 8 ounces. After sometime of drinking this your stomach will feel full. - Our Shake is bigger than this probably about two of these glasses. Patience drinks a shake in the afternoon for her snack. For Breakfast Patience will have a Serving of Fruit,1protein and we add veggies. As long as she has a protein with her fruit her sugar level is stable.

Morning Snack- One Apple

I drink 8 water bottles daily, Jerry9,
And Patience at least 3.
Water is the main source for flushing out the fat.
And keeping the body healthy. I really hated to drink water, but it really does work. Your kidneys need the water.

Also I would like to Add you do not need a lot of money to eat healthy.Beans are very cheap, Your can purchase fruit in bulk at a farmers market or A store such as Aldi. Chicken and fish are very reasonable. A jar of Natural Peanut butter or Almond butter can last for some time. Eggs are a good source of protein. A couple of bags of apples and oranges last our family a week. Bananas are always on sale. There is no "Magic Food". Yes our family was very blessed to have a meal service provided but you can do this at home on your own. What the nutritionist taught us is a gift we will carry for a lifetime. I never want to be the Mom with a cart full of "Fat free" items that cost almost what a average family would make in one week. There is no Magic food. Portion is everything. And the wonderful thing about it You will not be starved :)
Just to think of how we once bought the "Fat Free" products and thought we were doing a good thing for our child.- We did not know.- Lots of lots of chemicals.
If your wondering about Breakfast- the shake is not what we have or always will drink.
At this time we are drinking it. But in the past We would eat as Patience, Veggie/fruit/protein for breakfast.- For our family The protein plan works best with our body make-up. With Our child Simplicity She may have a starch for breakfast but anything that comes in our home is Whole Wheat or Whole grain. Of course Simplicity does not have a weight issue we really try to get the girls to eat close to the same thing. So no one feels left out. Sometimes I will make omlets with tons of veggies. And have fruit

This is lunch today: Chicken with Gravy and Black lentils And Brussel sprouts.

Notice I said Gravy. The key point is your going to want a Veggie/Protien/Starch for lunch.

This meal was 310 calories. Looks like alot of beans right? Try to eat most calories at lunch and the lighter meals at dinner.

You can make something like this at home- of course you will not be eating gravy everyday. Sometimes it just Fish and veggies. Or a BIG Salad with a protein. Worried about your kids liking it? Kids adapt.- Once they see mom and dad loving the Brussels sprouts they say hey can I have a bite!!!- For Patience we think up creative names or tell her You want to be like a Beautiful princess right.

When Patience was attending School this past year her basic lunch would be 3 ounces of Turkey and a piece of fruit. And water. Or Almond butter sandwich with sugar free preserve on Whole wheat bread or whole grain.- The chips,pudding snacks,cookies were not needed. That filled her up. Every now and then we would add a sugar free yogurt but usually it wasn't needed. The sandwich and fruit were enough. Or a whole wheat wrap with lettuce,tomatoe, and tuna. Almonds could have been added to her lunch also but she wasn't very fond of the almonds.

I would tell you carrot sticks and all that jazz- and we did but alot of times they were not eaten.The sandwich and fruit were enough. She likes carrot sticks and celery however little Ms. Patience is to busy talking at lunch....:)

Afternoon Snack 1apple and 12 almonds, Seems like a apple day!!!! We measure the almonds beforehand so there is no extra snacking. Any fruit and 12 almonds are a nice snack. You could always use All Natural Peanut butter or Almond butter. About a Tablespoon.

Dinner is Tilapia, Bean mix, and french cut green beans.
If we have meat for dinner it is always fish. Like I said beans are very cheap. You can make all kinds and have a cup along with your dinner. We do not eat Green peas for dinner because they have alot of sugar in them. Today was a wonderful day- getting ready to go for our evening walk. YOU CAN DO THIS just look at my beautiful 5 year old she did. See we were not starving. Your probably thinking wow they eat alot :) It does seem like alot of food but at the end of the day I can sleep knowing I did my best and ate to live not lived to eat. We try not to get obsessed with calorie counting but in case your wondering it is about 1200 daily. And for Patience between 1500-1600. We do not do cows milk- either Rice Milk or Soy. Patience also takes a Multi Vitamin and Vitamin D.