Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One of my favorite meals

I almost feel like I am cheating eating this meal, but Dr. G did say all veggies.

1 Portabella Mushroom Chopped
1 Half Red onion chopped
A couple Roma Tomato chopped
And a Couple Tbs of Olive oil

Just fry in a frying pan.
I add alittle garlic powder for seasoning and basil
I have a huge plate of veggies with no guilt :)

How to do the squat

I feel like i look silly doing these but we do these everyday with our workout. I really hope if they do footage of us on the return show I will not be doing these. Least of my favorite I would rather walk 5 miles than do the squat.
Our Dear Trainer Zane has been so patient with me he is not a Jillian. However on one of the last visits he said ok Tori we are done with the squats lets go on to something else. Then he said no lets do a few more. I laughed to myself because i think he knows how i hate them. Zane is wonderful trainer.

How to Do Crunches

In a millon years I never thought I would be doing these, my excuse was I have had surgery on my stomach. These are quite easy- and I know they help to rid me of the huge stomach Though I will never be 20 years old again with work I can be average and on the road to health.
Dr. G said it will take up to three months for your body to shrink to be the size it should be once you have reached your goal weight. For things to tighten.
Being a healthy average weight is great for me- knowing all the while i will never look like the video's :)

I am not aiming to be a size 2 - average size that is healthy will do. A size that my children can say I am proud of you Momma.- That is all i aiming for.


Joy makes you Strong

Nehemiah 8:10

Be not grieved and depressed for the Lord is your strength and stronghold.

I read something the other day that made alot of sense, God knows our whole life from beginning to end, when struggling with loss or something hard in our life we can only see past our own nose. Gods knows everything. So finding joy in him gives strength. As human and christians we forget to lean on him. We are not alone.

Working out

I have been pushing myself to do all the exercise whether i feel like it or not. What a gift our family has received to have this help. Walking 3 and half miles daily, doing crunches,squats rows, exercise bike.

Drinking the eight bottles of water, shake for breakfast, fruit, protein veggie for lunch, and veggies for dinner.
What i have been doing for dinner is getting a large mushroom frying it in little olive oil, with Roma tomato's and red onions. Just as good as any steak and very filling. I have the option  of drinking a shake also but really trying to get the pounds off.

I love when i see the scale go down. - What a nice surprize After awhile the excerise becomes apart of your day you dont see it as a chore but a appericated time for yourself. There are times i will go for my 3 mile walk and after the children are settleing down for the evening i will take Bellla for another mile walk. After the sun is down.

Sky Diving

I have really always wanted to Sky Dive....but thinking I am going to chicken out once it is my turn.
I had asked Jerry the other day has he ever wanted to do that. He said yes.
Thinking....maybe after I have reached my goal weight we may just go do that. - or watch him anyway..LOL :) - he is pretty good about making me smile and laugh.