Sunday, June 20, 2010


I am a very blessed person, I know that and honestly not trying to sound like a sad person.
This time around with my loss Holidays are hard for me. This morning I woke up and said Oh Great its fathers day. Almost like I was mad at the Holiday for being here. They had a church breakfast I decided to stay home on this Holiday.- I do not like missing church- but knew the sermon would be cut short and basically did not feel like socializing.
Maybe a holiday is a reminder of how things could have been. Jerry understood about not going to the church breakfast- (we wouldn't be eating anything anyway)
Today we are going to have a relaxing day at home and go see my Mom and dad this afternoon.
Being still sometimes- can be OK to i guess.

Food Diary

Yummy Shake, 1 scoop of Almond butter, a few ice cubes and a apple inside the shake.
Morning Snack Banana with 12 almonds

Chicken with yogurt sauce, Spinach, and Lentils. This meal was 400 Calories.

Dinner was mostly veggies - Big salad Lettuce, Tomatoes, red onions, 1egg, a few chickpeas.
And homemade salad dressing. Very low fat meal.- We always have the dark leaf lettuce for salads. This week it will probably be veggies every night without the fish.
 I really want to start making the numbers drop. Dr. G said we can have a shake with veggies. The shake really is the protein. I didn't have the shake tonight the salad was plenty.
It is amazing how eating veggies can make you feel like you have had enough. And if you think about it Fruit and veggies are beautiful. The colors are so vibrant. Just to think each veggie and fruit can cure different ailments in your body and give the vitamins needed. The other day Patience and Simplicity had a huge plate of watermelon as a treat. I explained to Patience if she had eaten a snack cake she would have been hungry faster.- See how much wonderful watermelon you can eat. She loved it.

Getting ready to go for nightly walk- was a nice day with family.