Friday, May 28, 2010

Food Diary

Shake of Course with Frozen Banana, I become so full with the shake this morning I walked away and forgot about it. Jerry said are you going to drink this. :)

Snack- Apple and 12 almonds

Lunch was Turkey, mixed veggies squash, and pureed Broccoli.
Dinner was Salmon and mixed veggies.

Good day expect the fact I had abnormal test results so that requires more testing. The great thing is when i found this news out I did not come home and over eat. Things are going to be OK. - I also found out my sweet baby was a little girl. I am very glad I do not have to spend a lifetime wondering.- Bless her heart. She is very loved- as all of my children. Now that I know who this little person was it becomes very emotional for me.- I know she would want me to not give up. So I must keep trying. If it wasn't for her pregnancy I would have never known about the abnormal tests the other doctor never called me.

I have added this song because I heard it on my way to the doctors to the surgery when I had lost my daughter. In mind my I can see my two little girls in heaven dancing laughing and playing. This is what i believe the words she would say to me to have the strength to go on.

I have added the song below because it is so beautiful, I know it is for a daughter and father. And it doesnt relate to loss but I just know if this little girl was born Jerry and I would have had these feelings for her. I love this song. -  I have hope to still have another baby- Finding out it was alittle girl hurts my heart so when I look at my girls. I wonder if she had dimples and pretty curly hair. Some day I will know.

This picture was taken the day I found out I needed a D and C. It is a double rainbow- I just know my sweet girl sent it to me.