Monday, December 27, 2010

Food Diary

Shake for Breakfast with Tablespoon of natural peanut butter
( sorry I forgot to take photo) I will tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The case of the Rice Krispy Treat and the MOM

I usually try not to let many things upset me. And since this is my journal thought I would write all my feelings good or bad.
Last night Patience had a Girl Scout Meeting and each time the moms take turns bringing snacks.
The snack outline is Healthy Snacks. Fruits, veggies, cheese.

Anyway a well meaning nice mom brought Rice Krispy Treat shaped in Halloween shapes in tons of Icing.
I was so upset on the inside, and of course did not show it.
I allowed Patience to eat the snack, because everyone was raving on how cute they were. And by the time I got in there she was already eating, it was in her sweet little chubby hand- and she was smiling and laughing with her friends. ( After the meeting she Crashed) :(

But deep down i was angry, Angry at the fact no matter what i do, how much we work out, or eat healthy. My little girl will always have to work twice as hard as the other girls to remain- chubby or average.
Not angry at the kids or parents, but angry at the way she has to work so hard.
Alittle upset at the mom- because the snack guidline was healthy!!!!! Not tons of sugar.

And although Patience has lost- We always get the looks from people who do know her. Because she is bigger. Deep down i think- if you only knew what she really eats, probally alot healthier than you. I guess all i can do as a mom is keep doing what we are doing- I cannot change her melabotic makeup.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something different

I found this recipe on the net and with fall break coming up I thought it might be a nice  lunch for the girls.
 We try to limit the bread for Patience. Dr. G wants her to eat her sandwitch for school lunch everyday so i would just serve this for lunch maybe with a few slices of turkey thinly sliced on the side. A clever way to get her to eat her apple with without saying Oh momma Apple again.( she hardly complains)

Whole wheat Tortila's
A small amount of cheese or Vegan cheese
And apple

Spray Tortila with non fat cooking spray
Slice apples very Thin
And sprinkle cheese

Bake in oven until cheese melts. Cheese is not  a product we eat everyday. But thought this would be a nice lunch for the girls one day, Seems like Fall.


I just had to get that out,  Since I have taken a break from facebook and my friends from Silent Grief. I have no one to complain to. ( I miss everyone)- but needed to spend more time with walking and working out. Cannot wait to return!!!
I just received a email from Simplicity's Spelling teacher. Simplicity has the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen. Just beautiful. And I am very judgemental in handwriting. I will rewrite a card if i feel my handwriting isnt neat.

Anyway the teacher wrote a nasty letter how she wants Simplicity to rewrite all of her words because It wasnt in the new style the schools use. They use a new style. I forgot the name.
I know 5th grade is preparing for middle school. But she has a teacher that is just so picky.
And oh their homework is 2 hours nightly or more. And they have homework on the Christmas break!!! Yeah. And on the weekends!!! Their fall break is next week and they have homework!!

But what else can I do ? 5th grade doesnt last forever? :)

National Noodle Day

I think a couple weeks ago I had said we will fix pasta for the girls occasionally. Not to often. But never - white noodles. Wow it really has been a year since i have eaten at the Chinese place.

When we went to the pumpkin farm the other day, Jerry purchased a spaghetti squash and we cut it in half , took out all the seeds and placed it downside for about 45 minutes in the oven. And after it was done scooped out all the squash and Patience and Simplicity both ate it with spaghetti sauce with a tiny bit of cheese. They loved it.
Just a different approach than having noodles.

I was watching a TV show and they were showing economical ways for college kids to buy groceries and one of the items was the ram en noodles with a salad and some fruit. I sat there and shook my head. I once loved ram en noodles, but today honestly i probably could not eat them. ( and i totally understand if that is all someone could afford) I just had remembered how Patience would eat as a toddler and it helped her to gain the weight. :( - I really miss the days of all my children being toddlers. So sweet!!!

If we do purchase noodles it is whole wheat. Not to much more in the store. I think we have one small box in the cabinet now that is half full. - that is how much we use noodles. - And i had bought it weeks ago.

Noodles are not bad, but i think in moderation. One of my favorite things to fix in the fall when everyone is not feeling welll is Homemade chicken soup. If i do make it, it will only have a small amount of wheat noodles if any. It will probably be all veggies with the chicken. ( Jerry and Patience have alittle cough right now) :(

I hope today on your journeys, you give giving  the healthier noodles a try, they are not that bad.

Monday, October 4, 2010

About Halloween

Just got off the phone with Dr. G, He said if we completely make Patience give up all candy it will hurt her and make her feel as though she is being punished. So he said have a talk with her as a family and say how many pieces of candy do you feel is a good number Patience. Then give the rest to charity. ( in my mind i just want to throw it away) For some reason i see candy and sugar as a bad thing.

Then when she says 20 say something like Oh Patience that is a awfully high number that means a smaller gift. Then if she lowers the number say oh that is a bigger prize.
In other words reward her for making the healthier choice.
We were going to take her to the  J .diabetes Halloween party, they offer healthy snacks and support. I am sure they would make us feel welcome, but I would feel kind of strange knowing she doesn't have full blown diabetes. But I have decided to take a class for myself, since I have type 2 and been in denial for a few years now. We have the nutrition education with Dr. G. But I wanted to learn all I could for myself. I think in my last two pregancies I took my own diabetes lightly. Which I regret.

This has been a long journey, but a real eye opener. It isnt all about the weight its about health and heart also.

National Taco Day....

We still have taco's occasionally, with small wheat wraps. Turkey meat, Tomato's, Lettuce, onions, Taco seasoning, ( made from home) And a small sprinkle of cheese.
For Jerry and I we usually do not eat the wrap. We just have a taco salad ( made at home). And if they kids wanted sour cream, yogurt instead.
They really do not know the difference. We also make shrimp or chicken also. If we were to go out, ( on a rare occasion would  order ourselves and Patience a salad with no shell.
 Because she would want a few chips and salsa also. So we just explain to her if she eats the chips she would need to eat the taco salad with no shell. ( chicken).  Like I said we have not been out in a year..expect for Subway and once this past summer to a Mexican Resturaunt.
I hope today on your journeys your able to enjoy a taste of isnt bad for you, trying to avoid the flour and fried asspects of it. There is always away to be "healthy". Enjoy!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today is National Coffee day!!!!

I never was much of a coffee drinker, however since we have started the diet, I occasionally drink coffee instead of reaching for a baked good at get to gathers. I get a cup of coffee instead of eating.
But I do not add real sugar we add Stevia. And if we were to use creamer it is sugar free creamer.  I love Starbucks Frappe but,,,they have a outrageous amount of calories in the glass bottles in the stores. Who needs the calories? So our answer about coffee is, Within moderation without all the sugar and cream. Far much better than reaching for a cookie or brownie. We have started to try different flavored hot teas.
I usually carry stevia in my purse and the packet creamer, in a zip lock bag. " Just in case" desert is offered instead of being rude we will drink the coffee. After you start to lose the weight many times well meaning family members and friends will say oh little piece is not going to hurt you. Or its OK to splurge just this one time. :)
I hope today on your journey if you decide to celebrate coffee day, you not only enjoy the cup but you enjoy a good book or a wonderful conversation with a dear friend. Its coffee day , enjoy. At a later time i will post a picture of our dr. Phil mugs we received from the show. Jerry drinks out of his mug...and then puts it up on a shelf. He is almost afraid it will get broken i Can you tell he is a huge fan?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

About Halloween....

On a trip to the park the other day I was driving along with Patience she has been so excited about Halloween, already hanging pumpkins, spiders, witches...spooky stuff. Shes so funny. Anyway I said Patience I need to talk to you about something about Halloween. Sweetie you know all the candy is bad how about we go trick or treating, but then decide to go to trade the candy in for a new toy or a trip to Chuck E cheese.  And something happen that hasnt happen in a very long time, I seen a smile wipe from her face to  tears in her eyes and she didnt talk.
I had hurt her,,,,it isnt that she wants the candy, its she wants to be like everyone else.Come home pour all her candy on the floor and eat candy because she earned it. Bless her heart, I hate this for her. But what else can we do? Hopefully Dr.G can help. I realized she is still alittle girl that wants to be just normal. Just like her sister and her friends.

So next week i will have to talk to the dr, about this and see if he can come up with any other suggestions.

National Pancake day

Today is National Pancake/waffle day, we really do not serve pancakes, however if we did for Patience on special occasions it would be Bucketwheat or Cinnamon/Sweet Potato with Sugar free syrup. Honestly Patience rarely asks for bread products  we really try to encourage fresh fruit and Protein for breakfast. There will be times Simplicity will ask for waffles, so for her we also get whole wheat waffles from Eggo. - For Simplicity, its sometimes hard to ask her to give everything up on account of Patience. So I look for the healthiest choice for the products most families can feed their children that do not have a insulin problem.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Words of Encouragement

Faith will make things possible not EASY. They always work together.

When i say....protein/veggies it becomes silent.

Yesterday we received a phone call from a sales clerk where we have bought furniture in the past, anyway she called to invite us to a new sale they have, And as we were talking she asked about Patience, Jerry, the show- how they were doing etc....She was very happy to hear of their success. In the conversation she asked about what the diet was. That she had just started a new diet.

And my simple answer was no diet just eating plenty of veggies and proteins.So many times when I say fresh veggies and fruit and protein ,,,,people will become silent.Because they start to think we are saying eat like a diet.. So i thought i would start to make a list to help them along.Out of all the proteins and veggies there has to be something they FAVOR. And can be content without resorting to fast food or food in a box. The key is to find your faves,,,and enjoy. There is no magic pill or recipe it is just getting into your mind Veggies are good for your body and proteins give energy. A way of life, not a diet.And water I always, always remind them about the water and the walking..(but they do not want to hear about the exercise part)

Protein: Grilled or baked chicken, Tuna, boiled or baked fish, almond butter, or natural peanut butter, boiled egg, fried egg in olive oil, scrambled egg, ground turkey, turkey bacon. That is where we get our sources of protein. So for the lunch Veggie/protein I will have 3oz of protein. Whether it be Tuna, baked fish, chicken, and a huge plate of veggies. Beans are full of protein however sometimes they can be a starch so for Jerry and I Dr. G wants us to eliminate the beans right now.
I will try to add photos more often to show you. This morning Patience has her cheering class :) So proud of her and very happy she is staying active. She dances right along with the rest..:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Todays Food Holiday is ...

Crab meat, Patience loves taking imitation crab in her lunch.

I make a spicy home made salad not mayo based.
 Bell pepper,onions, celery, crab, Little dash of chili powder and lemon juice. And the tiniest bit of italin dressing for the kick. (not alot) or Basalmic Vingear.
(Imitation is of course less money) - we haved used the real also.

I hope today on your journeys you enjoy Little bit of seafood.

Food Plan for the week

As Dr. G affectionatly calls it "Food Jail" He is so funny!!!!:)

Breakfast- Whey Protein shake, A tablespoon of almond butter, and 1 Banana
Morning snack- Tomato
Lunch- Protein /veggie
Afternoon snack- egg, tomato
Dinner- veggies/shake and switching every other night fish/veggie

As long as I am eating according to the plan and drinking all the water- it doesn't seem like food jail at all. Just a healthy way of eating.
When driving in the mornings i see all the fast food places and think, wow look at the money we have saved. We have not eaten out in a year. Subway occasionally, I could not imagine ever going back to eating fast food regularly. If you notice the new food plan has very little fruit- A banana in the mornings. Not that fruit is bad ,,,for me my body processes protein the best. If my sugar gets alittle low i am allowed some grapes or other fruit.. Got to love food jail ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wanted to share a very neat website

I stumbled across it and thought it was a kind gesture for friends or family letting them know they are in your thoughts, or prayers or just to let them know you were thinking of them.I love candles and just to light one brings a type of peace..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thinking of starting...

Jerry and I discussed starting a local support group for families with obese children/insulin resistant. We are by no means experts on the subject and in no way doctors nor in the position to give medical advice. However we know we need to pay things forward. Whether it be a walking group for families or a support group. Giving basic information we have learned.

I went to eat lunch with Simplicity at school yesterday, and goodness it was so sad how many of the girls in her class were heavier. And their food choices were unbelievable. Of course they are children, well meaning parents think they are doing the right thing by allowing their children to eat the school lunch. The menu consisted of Pizza,brownie, chocolate milk, french fries. Of course it was a Friday but still.

Jerry knows he would like to do something but is Little hesitant, afraid he will not have enough to say. ( I laughed to myself on that one)Or he will not give the proper advice. And I said Jerry our group will not be to give medical advice it will be to offer support and to teach what we have learned. How we deal with classroom parties, holidays, all the things Dr. G has taught us.

Also Dr. G our nutriontist when speaking on the phone to Jerry said thinking of letting you guys be my poster family, with People magazine. And Jerry laughed and Dr. G said don't laugh I'm not joking....
So...who knows.

I am excited about our new group we may start. Being shy myself, however i have to remember all the families that are struggling the way we once did. And still do at times but given the tools the road is alittle smoother journey now. Patience still reminds overweight, however things are more managable and she is no longer in the danger zone. We are finally able to get her clothes in the childrens dept instead of ladies.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pumpkin Fluff

Pumpkin Fluff, 16 ounces of sugar free whip cream,(cool whip) 1box of sugar free pudding,(cheesecake), And 3/4 can of solid pumpkin, and a few sprinkles of Cinnamon. If the girls really want something a sweet treat. I make this and let them dip with apples.  I know this might seem like a Thanksgiving type desert but I am very much ready for pumpkins on the porch and ghosts hanging up.We make this anytime of year   The photo is of my Kaplin when he was a baby. :) I'm anticipating Fall.

Apple Cider in Crock pot
2 quarts of unsweetened apple cider
1 sliver of lemon peel
1/2 Teaspoon of all spice
1 Stick of Cinnamon
1/2 Teaspoon of whole cloves
Heat all and and let simmer on the stove for 10 minutes, then put in crock pot
and let simmer and strain before serving. Makes 16 servings Or you could look for sugar free cider in the store. It is alot less calories than a coffee with a donut.

Todays food holiday is Guacamole

Half of our family loves Guacamole, all the girls. I make it homemade for the girls and they will dip carrot sticks or celery. Of course they like Multi grain chips or pita chips. But I try to limit the chips because of the sodium. It is so easy to over eat on chips.  3 ripe Avocado's, 2 Roma tomato chopped, hand full of cilantro, juice from a lemon, and one small red onion. And alittle sea salt or garlic powder.  I had gotten this recipe from my Spanish friend/neighbor. I hope today on your journeys your able to have a snack that celebrates the holiday. Yummy!!! Plus a food processor helps, I cannot remember life before my processor.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Simplicity and her chicken tenders

To be honest we have not had breaded chicken in a year, and i really do not care to. However Simplicity loves chicken tenders  breaded of course!!! It is truly sad at her school chicken tenders and fried foods are served on a regular basis.
Anyway I have not tried this recipe yet, well honestly because I do not want to give Patience the impression breaded foods are ok. However i seen this recipe on the Doctors show and thought I would share.'s%20Recipes

It is the second recipe down. And also a healthier option for mashed potatoes. - Cauliflower.
I doubt that I will make this chicken recipe but i would much rather make Simplicity something at home than for her to go to walmart and get chicken tenders in a bunch of oil.  Just wanted to share. These recipes are from Chef Rocco's new book Eat this not that.

Before when we were trying to "Diet" ourselves we would make weight watchers speical K baked chicken in the oven. For the Crispy taste. Anyway...what i have come to find out is the closest to grilled or natural you eat the better for you. However Simplicity is 11 years old. One day she will want her chicken tenders. :(

Word of Encouragement Today

Luke 18:27   The Things that are Impossible with Men Are possible with God.

Todays National food Holiday is Linguine

In which I wanted to answer a question, Do we still eat Pasta?
To be honest, not really for Jerry and I. Our tastes have become so accustomed to the veggie/protein meal we do not really crave pasta.
We love veggies and seafood. We could grill some eggplant along with some onions and tomatoes and mushrooms and add pasta sauce. And if we wanted sprinkle Little of freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

With Patience eating pasta is a different story. Maybe once or twice a month I will have spaghetti night for her and Simplicity. will be whole wheat pasta. And a good size Salad will accompany her pasta.
With all the veggies. The purpose of that is to balance it out. To make her fill up on veggies instead of pasta.
Of course we use Turkey meat for the sauce.
I have notice Patience since she is so used to the veggie/protein pattern after eating pasta she will become sleepy. Although it is whole wheat. Anyway...our pasta never includes bread sticks etc.

Pasta is not a bad thing if used in Moderation. For our family, it is not needed. Patience will sometimes ask for the eggplant with Pasta sauce. We always make our sauce  with no sugar.  I hope today on your journeys if you choose to eat Pasta you take a try out of whole wheat, it isnt that bad. And just another step to being healthier.

I wanted to include the recommended serving sizes of Pasta. This link also has a online food diary.

I remember last year when we went to Hollywood and ordered from the hotel room Patience food the serving size for a child was Huge. We had asked for whole wheat but they did not have it. When i look at this photo I feel like crying...but then i have to remember Patience has done so well. And she is no longer weighing as much. I am sharing this photo to remind myself look how far she has come. She did not eat all the pasta in this bowl. So thankful we know what it does to her body. After she had the pasta she was tired. I am so proud of my Patience.
She was beat, that day she had toured Hollywood and taped for the show, But i know she really enjoyed herself. Something about Patience and being the center of attention...;)- she doesn't mind. She has proven to me time and time again- never let your outer appearance outweigh your inner beauty, she has always let her spirit shine. Even when she was heavier, she never was afraid to  sing or dance. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Southern Fried Food Festival

Have you ever heard of such, next week in a town over from us they are having this: The menu includes Fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, french fries, Fried twinkies, fried sneackers bars, funnel cakes, Fried apples, you name it and it is fried!!!! Fried oreo's.

How do we handle this as parents? And for ourselves? Not go? And hear the kids say oh its a carnvial we want to go!!! And say no sorry kids we cannot go ever!!! I have to admit Fried green tomatoes sound pretty yummy. However do they have nutrintional value? And will i put on a few pounds?

What we will do as a family is let the children go walk around, ride some rides, play in the bouncy thing, pet the animals. Enjoy all the facuets of the festival but not even go around the food. Do not even go down the lane. However the pay off is either before the festival go to subway, or a healthier food choice place to eat  before or after.

That is the way it has to be, In the case of Simplicity if she were going with a friend and their parents I would probally give her some money to get her a carmel apple or such. Simplicity is actually underweight. But it wouldnt be alot the focus would be on the festival. It is all about loving yourself and choosing the best for your body.  Of course Jerry  and I may look at each other and smile and say ohhh, but really try not to in front of Patience because we are more able to say no than she is, she is still a child. If she sees the cotton candy of course she will want to be more like the other kids. I know I always say this but I am so very proud of my Patience and her will power. - Very sweet girl. From a geographic stand point, we are going to have festivals like this come up. But is all about doing what is right for our daughter and learning to adapt.

Also on a side note, Patience and Simplicity started a Cheerleading Class last week. I figured it would be good excerise for Patience and help to keep her active. She is bigger than the other girls but she puts all she has into the class. Some of the flips were to much for her. Because Patience still is heavier for her age. However as long as she wants to do the class I will contiune to encourage her. If she chooses to do dance or karate i will encourage that as well. Patience is not a quitter. We meet with the trainer tonight. :)- Patience still attends Girls Scouts also. We really try to keep her busy or she keeps us busy!!!

A word of Encouragemnet

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, Says the Lord They are plans of good and not for disaster to give you a future and a Hope.

Thinking about a year ago sitting on my couch seeing Patience continue to gain the weight, taking her to all different doctors running around town. I thought things were hopeless. Her life was going to continue to remain in the unhealthy body. And then the commerical came on with Dr. Phil. that he wanted parents who needed the help. I actually laughed and said oh the chances of him choosing our family is slim.It was a very hard time for me, it is was getting to the point even adults in the stores were whispering at her and her weight. People can be judgemental if they do not know you.

I know i have shared that before but I am just so so thankful, God blessed our family with the knowledge of how to help Patience with her food plan and well the whole family.

Whether it be weight loss, a job, a medical problem whatever your need be remind yourself God has hope for your future. Sometimes it may take much effort on your part, I didn't just write the show and boom we were picked. I had to send in photos, videos, tell our story.

There is hope for your future, although I have some medical obstacles at this moment I am so grateful for medical doctors and their advancements.Have a blessed day today and know God loves you and has much hope for your future. Even if you have only lost a few pounds, know you can continue to prosper and keep going.

Monday, September 13, 2010

National Peanut day

When I think of peanuts I think of this guy. To be honest we do not eat alot of peanuts, because if I got started on eating them i would eat to many. We are more of a almond family now. If we use peanut butter for a recipe it is all natural. However if we were on a roadtrip and the only stores around were alittle market with no health food in site, I would choose to get Patience alittle bag of peanuts with no salt for a snack over a resse peanut butter cup!!!!- Plain oh natural peanuts in a shell.  It is all about the little choices we make. Everytime I make the healthiest choice I feel like saying, Hello grown up Tori where did you come
In all honesty it is about wanting the best for your family and following through. Even when no one else is looking. You do what you do because you want to be healthy. Not for numbers on a scale.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today's American food holiday is Milkshake

For me of course my "shake'' is for breakfast daily.
I havent tried the milkshakes above but I am sure they are good.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A challenge for myself- 30 days

I really would like to reach the goal weight soon, so I have decided to take a break from the internet.
Other than checking my email and doing my blog. NO facebook, no chat boards.
Something I would like to do. On October 11, willl  be 30 days
I guess you could say I will be living like the Amish,,,,, with electricity. ;)

I will miss all of my facebook friends, but I need to reach the goal weight soon. And the time I spend on the computer could be more time working out.

I strive to be a diamond... with my weight loss goal

Each day I have to remind myself a diamond was once a piece of coal. And the more work i put into it the better the outcome.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Postitive thinking

We are all human and there will be days of sadness, and days we seem defeated but I have to admit positive thinking determines how your day will go. Instead of seeing my pitcher of water as half empty today i chose to see it as half full. Truly when i take time to Praise God and be thankful for the blessings i have been given it makes the day go better. I have noticed when I show a happy attitude around my children they are more willing to do what I ask. This morning i am going for my 4 mile walk and be happy about it. No grumbling here, I should be thankful for the nice day and the ability to be able to go and walk, some people are confined to a bed. Today is a blessing, I hope you have a very blessed day.

Monday, September 6, 2010

In our times of growth we may not see it But we are always held by Gods Love. This little plant that I purchased Patience reminded me of that today.
It was sitting in the window and the thought came to mind.
Growing takes time in no matter what you do whether it be losing weight, growing spirtitually, gettting through a difficult time. No matter what God watches over you and loves you.

They are a pair....

These two are really a pair, Patience is a Mommas girl at times however she loves her daddy very much.
Some  of the photo's are before the weight loss or in the process of losing the weight.

Patience almost reaching 100 pounds last Sept.
Jerry  Last Sept.
Sept. 2010

I Know sometimes it may seem like I am bragging, the whole process is a emotional journey, One in which I am so thankful for that we were given the chance. Would there be these happy smiles in the photos today if we had not went down this road?
We sometimes have to look back to know we never want to go down old roads again.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Todays National Food Holiday day is Cheese Pizza!!!

OK I would be lieing if our family vowed to never eat pizza again. If we vowed to do that we would be setting our self up. Kids will be kids, and while it would just be easier to just call Domino's  than have our fresh homemade pizza, or domion's with all the ooey gooey taste. I have to consider Patience. And what it does to her body and how it would be so easy to fall back into the food trap.
So we occasionally have pizza night a couple nights  month, but we try to make it our self. If we did order from Domino's it would be a medium for the whole family and  salads on the side. Besides making your pizza is fun.It is a shame how Kaplin's high school offers pizza daily on the menu. He is a great kid, and of course he picks the pizza.

Whole Wheat Crust Pizza
1 pkg of Hodgson Mill Active dry yeast
1cup of warm water
11/2 cups of Wheat flour
1/2 tsp. of salt
2 Tsp. olive oil
11/2 cups of unbleached white flour

Disvovle yeast in warm water Allow to rest for 5 minutes Stir in whole wheat, salt,olive oil, and white unbleached flour. by hand about 5 minutes. Dough will be smooth and elestic
Spray meduim bowl with cooking no stick spray place pizza dough in bown and turn cover and allow to rise in warm draft free bowl for 15 minutes spray one 14 inch pizza or two  10 inch pans. Bake till cheese is melted and crust is brown.
We make sure the kids experience the joy of cooking, adding the different veggies and spices And sauces. Pizza night just isn't about vegging out in front of the TV it is becoming a chef and spending time with family.
Hope today on your journeys you have a taste of Italy. After all its national cheese pizza day.
Patience loves Banana peppers on her pizza with cheese.
Simplicity's favorite is cheese and Turkey pepperoni
Kaplin loves turkey pepperoni with banana peppers
I love tons of veggies
And Jerry loves black olives

Another healthier alternative would be whole wheat tortilla's for the crust.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grocery Haul with Jerry- a few words about lettuce

I am very sorry when I recorded the video I had the camera  These are typical items we know to purchase weekly. To be honest we rarely purchase dairy, but if we did it is always soy, or rice milk.
I forgot to include our fruits at a later time I will include that. And if we were to purchase bread very whole wheat or the wheat wraps.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today is National Trail mix day or Eat outside day

And also the day I first met my husband in real life.

We met online and had spoken for 6 months then finally decided to meet. At the time meeting online was kind of a new thing. My parents were little weary, but I trusted my heart and we were married 8 months later. :)
So August 31 holds a special place in my heart. When Jerry met Simplicity a few weeks later he gave her the cutest Halloween barbie.Who knows where the barbie is now but its the little things you never forget.

Today we go work out with the trainer Zane, so it might just be little trail mix on the way to the gym for the kids.

The barbie was close to this but it had the cutest orange polka  dot skirt with black dots. I thought that was so sweet of Jerry. It held alittle pumpkin. It is the little things :)
This is how little my Simplicity was when Jerry and I met. Kaplin and Simplicity both captured his heart.
This song Hero, was very popular when we had met, and as were talking each night it would play on the radio, so the song Hero holds a special place in my heart.

It takes a very special hero to have a blended family and never think twice. 8 years ago today we met.
A newer updated photo of Jerry he is now 174 down from 330!!! He has cut his hair since this photo but I am so proud of Jerry and his weight loss. I surely hope the Dr. does not wish for him to lose more. :) These are Kaplin's clothing.

And it also blows my mind how last year at this time my sweet Patience was almost 100 pounds.

How can the photo here be the same girl in the upper right hand corner. If it seems like I am bragging...I guess I may-be alittle. :) I plan to post photo's of myself when I have reached the goal weight.