Monday, June 28, 2010

Food Diary

Shake for Breakfast with Banana
1 apple
Lunch 3 oz of Turkey, and a salad Romaine lettuce
Tomatoes, celery, red onions, and 1 egg and 2 Tablespoon of homemade dressing
3 large celery sticks with a Tablespoon of  Almond butter
Evening snack
1 Tomato
Dinner- we worked out tonight With Zane so I really wasn't that hungry I drank a shake.
8 water bottles of water and 1 vitamin water.

Awww that phone call is over

Dr. G is just awesome, He understood. He said it is normal and gave me a new food plan.

Shake with fruit

Morning Snack
One fruit

Protein and veggies

Afternoon Snack
Veggie with a scoop of Almond butter
Evening snack- 1 Tomato

Veggies and a shake one night and on alternate nights protein and veggies

This is the plan that Jerry has been doing, so glad Dr. G encouraged me and knew about Hormones (he is a doctor also) We could not ask for a better Nutritionist.- Such a Blessing
Basically with the new plan i am cutting out the starches and eating veggie,protein,fruit.
All nature's food except the shake, I love the shake ( my sweet treat)

Tuesday we go work out with the Trainer Zane.

Food Diary and more

What can I say? It's been two weeks from the last weigh- in and although I have been working out faithfully and eating the meal plan my weight loss this morning was only another 2 pounds.
We speak to Dr. G today. I believe my weight loss right now is contributed to hormones being out of place. Anyway today is a new day and I began taking pictures and working out even more!!!
He said the last time we spoke my plan will change. The weight loss has nothing to do with the food plan it has to do with my hormones right now. All I can do is keep trying.  I will probably be put in food jail which is fine with me. I want to lose more than just two pounds.

I feel like on the biggest loser when they go to weigh and they have gained instead of lost. Even though i know they work hard on that show- I always think to myself What is the problem, you have help doing this. I guess all i can do keep trying and work harder. Rome wasn't built in a day.
Jerry weighed this morning and he is 188!!!  That is 320 down to 188, SO proud of him.
Without sounding jealous I am very proud of him and i know he works hard. But I am not understanding the reason it is taking me so long.

This past weekend Patience girl scout troop went to the zoo And Build a bear. Jerry, simplicity and me joined them. And we also ate at the mall- it becomes less of a struggle with Patience she now calls McDonald's yucky food.- They do offer salads though. Although her friends in the girl scout troop all ate separate food from different places I noticed she ate most healthiest. There will be times in her life we will be faced with situations where a group is eating at McDonald's, Pizza hut etc. And with the new food skills she knows to ask for grilled chicken,turkey, veggies etc. We all ate at subway.- it was the best the Mall offered and couldn't very well say no thanks, she will not be eating. Simplicity or kaplin could very well eat at McDonald's- and not gain weight. But for Patience it isn't possible. So as a family we try to all eat at the same place. The one thing I am really guilty about is observing what others eat and making a comment to Jerry Patience will pick up on that and say to her friends that is not a very good food choice!!! (so I need to be careful of being a food snob)

I thought it was funny the girls all picked the same animal, I had wished Patience would have gotten a adorable bunny. But she wanted to be like her friends. She named her doggie Lilly. She names all of her baby dolls lilly right now.

Patience and her girl scout troop and Leader Jodi.
She really cares about her friends. And lets us know every other week when her meetings are if she misses a meeting she doesn't like it.

Today I had
Shake and Banana for breakfast
Grilled chicken, and couscous -390 calories
1 hard boiled egg

 Large Salad
Lettuce,red onions, tomatoes, 1 egg, a few soy bacon chips,cucumbers
and homemade salad dressing- very little- made with yogurt
I cut back today with my fruit snacks. And I drank 8 water bottles.

Photo Of Jerry his pant size was once 50. Now 38 :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I am a very blessed person, I know that and honestly not trying to sound like a sad person.
This time around with my loss Holidays are hard for me. This morning I woke up and said Oh Great its fathers day. Almost like I was mad at the Holiday for being here. They had a church breakfast I decided to stay home on this Holiday.- I do not like missing church- but knew the sermon would be cut short and basically did not feel like socializing.
Maybe a holiday is a reminder of how things could have been. Jerry understood about not going to the church breakfast- (we wouldn't be eating anything anyway)
Today we are going to have a relaxing day at home and go see my Mom and dad this afternoon.
Being still sometimes- can be OK to i guess.

Food Diary

Yummy Shake, 1 scoop of Almond butter, a few ice cubes and a apple inside the shake.
Morning Snack Banana with 12 almonds

Chicken with yogurt sauce, Spinach, and Lentils. This meal was 400 Calories.

Dinner was mostly veggies - Big salad Lettuce, Tomatoes, red onions, 1egg, a few chickpeas.
And homemade salad dressing. Very low fat meal.- We always have the dark leaf lettuce for salads. This week it will probably be veggies every night without the fish.
 I really want to start making the numbers drop. Dr. G said we can have a shake with veggies. The shake really is the protein. I didn't have the shake tonight the salad was plenty.
It is amazing how eating veggies can make you feel like you have had enough. And if you think about it Fruit and veggies are beautiful. The colors are so vibrant. Just to think each veggie and fruit can cure different ailments in your body and give the vitamins needed. The other day Patience and Simplicity had a huge plate of watermelon as a treat. I explained to Patience if she had eaten a snack cake she would have been hungry faster.- See how much wonderful watermelon you can eat. She loved it.

Getting ready to go for nightly walk- was a nice day with family.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Food Diary

Shake with Banana, few ice cubes and a scoop of Almond butter
Morning Snack Orange with 12 Almonds
Lunch Chicken with Pearl pasta and Roasted Veggies. Looks like Alot of food.Only 310 Calories
Dinner Big Salad with Cajun Fish
We went to the International Music Festival today, The Festival was located in a 1800's village.
Doctor's Office

Patience and Simplicity enjoyed watching the different cultures Dance. We had taken some video however my Internet is very slow today. Beautiful outfits. Although they had many sweet fried goodies there.
Patience had a Italian ice - and enjoyed it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Food diary

Shake for Breakfast with one Banana and a tablespoon of almond butter

Morning snack apple with 12 almonds. It really looks boring that I eat the same thing almost everyday- apples and oranges are inexpensive. I have berries sometimes also. Anything natural become a awesome snack.

Lunch Roasted Turkey, squash medley, pureed broccoli. It is one of my favorites from Bistro Md. Like having Thanksgiving in June
Afternoon snack a hard boiled egg. Never go wrong with protein. -Ha ha this is Patience's toddler plate I saved it for sentimental reasons.- Hopefully able to use it again some day.

Dinner Big Salad with Jerk Spiced Fish.

I haven't done a puzzle in years, This isn't quite as pretty as I would have liked. But it is something we can do as a family. A friend gave me thought, I had forgotten all about puzzles.

Patience got her ears pierced today, we had always promised her when she was six she could. She will be six in a couple weeks. While we were at walmart getting the puzzle she remembered. :)
She was such a big girl about it.

Going for  the nightly family walk, we live in a rural area, so right around the corner from our small sub division it feels like the country. It is beautiful to go for our walks and see the cows ,horses, and goats.
Our dog Bella always goes with us on the walks, by the time we get back home Bella is ready for bed.

Couldn't resist this is Our Theme song to our Town. I really do enjoy the country life.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Food Diary

For Breakfast Banana Berry Shake. A nice sweet treat.
This morning we went to the market picked up our usual items
Banana's, Almonds, Broccoli, more water, Berries, Cherries,
Lettuce, Apples. Some of our everyday items we use every week. My trip to the market was less time- because we basically avoided all the junk food aisles.- There was no Momma can i have cookies and chips. The children are actually helping getting those things in the cart. Patience new snack she loves are fruit bars- no sugar added. Dr. G suggested it for her as a treat. Especially in the summer.- only 25 calories.
I feel so "Grown up" ....LOL at age 38 with my grocery items.
Jerry and I always laugh and say if Dr. Phil or Dr. G seen us shopping they would be so proud of the choices. :)

Patience has gotten in the habit of telling my father her Papa "You know Papa that isn't so good for you it is terrible for your health." - my father is a diabetic and loves sweets.

Morning Snack apple with about 12 almonds

Lunch was Moroccan style chicken with Lentil bean salad.- I thought I had taken a picture I believe it had gotten erased. The meal was 305 calories.

Afternoon snack protein bar. Yogurt berry. Only200 calories

Dinner Chicken Italian, Chickpea bean salad and mixed veggies the meal was 350 calories. I went for a 45 minute brisk walk and did the basic crunches and squats, worked on the exercise bike and burned 300 calories. And drank all 8 bottles of water. I have decided not to weigh everyday- going to weigh once a week. It is easy to become discouraged if the scale is staying the same. I have two weeks before we weigh in again for Dr. G. - Going to work very hard to get the numbers down.

I use this calorie calculator to help me keep track of how many calories I will burn. You think alot differently about what food choices to eat when you have to work to burn the calories. Instead of the protein bar it would have been better to chose a piece of fruit with almonds or almond butter for snack. I had to ride on the bike for 45 minutes to burn that off. The protein bar wasnt bad for me- next time I will chose fruit for the afternoon snack or tomatoe, or boiled egg.

Went to the doctor today had more bloodwork drawn- I have to contiue in two more weeks. I just want the testing to be done and over. Waiting for my Hcg levels to fall.- Very thankful for my husband Jerry and my three children.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food Diary

This morning for Breakfast, Shake and Banana in the shake.
We speak to the nutritionist this evening so not sure if it will continue to be a shake. I have no problem with the shake- I remain full.
I wanted to share a photo of our nutritionist, he is a very down to earth guy. We really love what he has done for us. We call him DR. G.
Dr. G has been featured on CNN, Dr.Phil and he helps many of the Hollywood folks in Hollywood, Speaking with him weekly is just like speaking to a  Dear Friend. We will miss him when we have reached our goal weight.

For Father's day I ordered Jerry Dr. G cookbook.( wondering if  I ordered it for myself also.) Looking forward to making cooking videos with the cookbook.

Apple for morning snack
I had forgotten I was supposed to eat almond butter with my fruit or 12 almonds. But it is OK, I ate a protein bar later in the day. It is better to eat protein with your fruit it helps the body to process the sugar better.

Chicken breast, squash,sweet potato mix,with apples and pureed spinach
This meal was only 300 calories
This meal was only 260 calories salmon With roasted pepper puree served with quinoa.

And for evening snack I had protein bar before my walk.
 Dr G said next time we speak  on my diet he will do a ramp up- I suppose that means more Jerry has been in food jail a couple times. And the food jail has him to lose 5-6 pounds weekly. With my effort in working out more I have lost two more pounds. Sometimes the weather can make you retain water if your not drinking enough. I have been drinking the 8 bottles daily. My calorie intake has been 1000-1200 daily. Depending on which meals I chose. Protein works best for our family.
Also Patience and Jerry will be featured on Dr. G website!!! Their progress. So proud of them both.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This afternoon

We worked out with our Trainer Zane, I am very grateful to Zane and all the care and patience he has for our family.
He really has helped the whole family. We had a very nice work out and it has inspired me to get more of a workout tomorrow. I plan to get the walking back up to 3 miles daily. I was feeling pretty poorly before the workout with my weight loss for the week. However Zane encouraged me and told me I was doing great.- Glad we had the workout today.

Things do change

Before the show

 Today, When you love someone you do not see they have a weight problem. (speaking of Jerry) We knew Patience was gaining because it was clear-  The Christmas photo was when patience was a normal weight for a two year old. And the bottom photo was when she started to put on the weight. Still cute, but we were starting to see changes. We had no idea the Fat free cookies and fat free foods were putting on weight for our baby girl. My other two children do not have a weight issue. I did what I did based on the knowledge I had. Taking her to doctor after doctor they kept telling me She will grow out of it. Feed her more carbs. The carbs was something her body could not process.
They had actually written in the doctor's reports Mother seems obessed with daughters weight. UH Yeah my daughter was gaining 10 pounds every month. In two years time she went from a normal weight to being almost 100 pounds.Like I said we did what we did based on the knowledge we had. Anytime I would suggest a no carb diet they would say NOOOOO!! I am so thankful for Dr.PHils help. Patience is still overweight however there are children just as big. And when I see those children eating the school food and their chips, and cookies I get upset.
I think to myself what if they never get help the way we did. What if they live a overweight life. It is one thing for the parents to be overweight but for a child it breaks my heart.


In order for me to lose the weight I have to work through this grief. I am being honest. My faith has not shifted. And I know God did not give me a spirit of fear.I do not want to go to the doctor and have her tell me more bad news. I'm scared. I am thinking everything is going to be fine. But as I have learned this year your health can fail.  I am working out more it isn't easy.

I love this song, It has different meanings to different people for me it reminds me of how I felt hearing the news of the loss of the baby, hearing the health news. I wish so much I could have saved my daughters life.  My weight has went down two more pounds. I am not losing like Jerry- but I do the best I can. He works out more Trying though. With Gods help I will do this.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I thought I would include my feelings - after all i would not have gained all the weight from the first loss of our daughter Star if I hadn't over ate.
Anyway....Lately I have been feeling like someone is around me telling me it's OK, this isn't a easy time but it's OK your going to get through this. Not sure if it is a guardian angel, my own feelings or what. Glad that i have those feelings. The girls have been watching the new chipmunk movie and this song is in there. They love the song. It fits perfectly to my feelings lately.

And also a beautiful red bird came to our Deck this morning!!!! Simplicity ran and Said Momma, momma look. Red birds have always brought me peace.-He flew away before i could snap the picture.

I found the prettiest bookmark in the girls room, just beautiful it has a little girl angel on it in a garden, curly hair. I had forgotten all about it, My mother have given it to Simplicity months ago. And at the bottom it reads:
We know that all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Food Diary

Today for Breakfast decided to juice it. The children had bought me a juicer for Mother's Day and I love it.
I feel like I should detox my system. The juice is simple:
Carrots, Celery and apples. I love the shakes but thought my system needed to heal and detox.
Going to take the girls to the park today or go swimming. Although I am not feeling well why punish them.
They and my son Kaplin are such a huge light in my life.- They are my miracles.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut Butter Pie

Jerry and Patience made this recipe together. Patience isn't shy, she was acting silly for the video. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Still here

Sticking to the healthy life plan, I plan to post more cooking videos soon. My exercise isn't what it should be I should be walking three miles daily at the least.- due to complications from the D and C I have not been doing that everyday. Not gaining but only lost two more pounds this week, not what i wanted.

I purchased a Electric Bike at a yard sale it will help for the days I have not been walking. I just want this after math of the loss to be over: trips to the doctor and more testing. Things are ok...just praying I do not receive more bad news at the doctor next week. Found out yesterday my hcg numbers are slow falling.

I am very thankful for our trainer and nutritionist who have been very patient with me.

This is a song my children and I have sung in the car before, acted silly to, and I have even made them laugh when they have had hard times- its just our song.
Although a very old song they always know when they hear it on a movie or on the radio. Thought I would post it to remind myself there are better times ahead. The health problem isnt forever. And I can do this.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Food Diary

This morning shake with almond butter in it and Banana taste and ice cubes taste just like A Reese butter cup. Loved it.
No guilt, felt full and a nice sweet treat.

Apple with 12 almonds

Lunch was
Chicken Marsala and Brussels Sprouts
And Sweet Potato Puree. 300 calories
The picture does not do this meal justice, very good meal.

Afternoon snack was a Banana

Dinner was Mahi Mahi, green beans and carrots.
That's it. Done eating for the day. Very good meal only 330 calories.
Feeling alittle tired, due to health reasons. Going to watch the Ghost Whisper and go to bed early.