Sunday, August 15, 2010

Patience new school year

School shopping for Patience this year was alot easier, Of course we take her lunch. And one of the rewards in her class is a piece of candy for good behavior!!!!

So i have sent her stickers to be given and a piece of sugar-free candy for birthdays. I plan to give the Dr. a copy of the terrible school lunches.

And another thing- out goes the vitamin water- crystilling fructose which eventually causes liver problems. :( So water, water it is.

We are learning - this just isnt about the weight its about a lifestyle.

For Myself
One day at a time- Following the food plan, And trying to remind myself not everyone will be given a chance to have help. I missed the workout last week due to feeling under the weather- but I had Jerry call Zane and tell him I will be there next week.
Zane of course said, Tori's health is more important than any workout- this is about total health.- Anyway- no matter how much it hurts to do the walks I refuse to give in or give up.
If the subject comes up of how I had gained the weight, I am sure I will say because of my loss of my daughter Star. Hopefully the show will focus on Patience's success, She is doing so well - she and Jerry both inspire me everyday. :)
Their clothes from last year are being tossed in the garabage :) way to big for them. Jerry can now wear Kaplin's clothes and smaller. 34/36 When last year he was size 50!!!! Patience can now share some of Simplicitys clothing when last year she wore women's clothing.

Also I wanted to add a photo of my son Kaplin and his best friend these days, his cell phone!!!!
I am trying to get used to the idea, a teen has their own mind and my baby boy is almost considered a grown up.- I'm not ready for all this but do I have a choice?

Food Plan for the week

Breakfast- shake with piece of fruit, and a few ice cubes

Morning snack-Veggies with almond butter

Lunch- Protein/veggies no startch

snack- two eggs with veggie

snack fruit with almond butter

Dinner- Protein veggies, and alternate nights veggie with shake

Seems like alot of food, but it works- and 8 bottles of water in the day.