Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finding ways to fit excerise in, with your normal workouts

When I park at  a store I always park at the end of the parking lot...If  I could find a photo of it  It reminds me of when Chevy Chase and his family park at  the end of the parking lot on their trip to Wally world. At first the kids complained but now they see it as fun. We actually race...:)

Also I will walk to pay bills...this morning I walked four miles to pay my water bill. I knew that if I didn't walk to pay it we would have no - Jerry had the car today. Unfortunately our electric company is 17 miles away and that would not be possible . But I am sure you get the point.
Or if we are going home from some where I will have Jerry drop me off and left me walk the reminder of the way. In order to get my fitness in. After my four mile walk at the end I felt like hey that wasnt so bad.

I Can hear The Moose now, Sorry Folks were closed!!!! LOL I watched this movie as a kid. And everytime we park at the end of the parking lot I think of this movie :)