Sunday, July 4, 2010


Today was The Estimated Due Date of My daughter Star. Fourth of July has been a hard holiday for me three years now. We had a nice day together with the children and my Parents. Jerry and I went shopping for Patience birthday gift her birthday is next week. I so wish I would have been shopping for two girls in July.
We have purchased Patience a Leapster2 and plan to get her a groovy girl and new pj's.
And a trip to Chuck E Cheese. Patience insists that we have sparklers on her birthday since her birthday is in JULY.  She wil be 6 years old soon.
This song is  to my Daughter Star. Momma and daddy will always love YOU. But know your in a beautiful place above the rainbows. And there is no doubt I will hold you one day in heaven.

Momma loves you