Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food Diary

This morning for Breakfast, Shake and Banana in the shake.
We speak to the nutritionist this evening so not sure if it will continue to be a shake. I have no problem with the shake- I remain full.
I wanted to share a photo of our nutritionist, he is a very down to earth guy. We really love what he has done for us. We call him DR. G.
Dr. G has been featured on CNN, Dr.Phil and he helps many of the Hollywood folks in Hollywood, Speaking with him weekly is just like speaking to a  Dear Friend. We will miss him when we have reached our goal weight.

For Father's day I ordered Jerry Dr. G cookbook.( wondering if  I ordered it for myself also.) Looking forward to making cooking videos with the cookbook.

Apple for morning snack
I had forgotten I was supposed to eat almond butter with my fruit or 12 almonds. But it is OK, I ate a protein bar later in the day. It is better to eat protein with your fruit it helps the body to process the sugar better.

Chicken breast, squash,sweet potato mix,with apples and pureed spinach
This meal was only 300 calories
This meal was only 260 calories salmon With roasted pepper puree served with quinoa.

And for evening snack I had protein bar before my walk.
 Dr G said next time we speak  on my diet he will do a ramp up- I suppose that means more Jerry has been in food jail a couple times. And the food jail has him to lose 5-6 pounds weekly. With my effort in working out more I have lost two more pounds. Sometimes the weather can make you retain water if your not drinking enough. I have been drinking the 8 bottles daily. My calorie intake has been 1000-1200 daily. Depending on which meals I chose. Protein works best for our family.
Also Patience and Jerry will be featured on Dr. G website!!! Their progress. So proud of them both.