Sunday, September 26, 2010

About Halloween....

On a trip to the park the other day I was driving along with Patience she has been so excited about Halloween, already hanging pumpkins, spiders, witches...spooky stuff. Shes so funny. Anyway I said Patience I need to talk to you about something about Halloween. Sweetie you know all the candy is bad how about we go trick or treating, but then decide to go to trade the candy in for a new toy or a trip to Chuck E cheese.  And something happen that hasnt happen in a very long time, I seen a smile wipe from her face to  tears in her eyes and she didnt talk.
I had hurt her,,,,it isnt that she wants the candy, its she wants to be like everyone else.Come home pour all her candy on the floor and eat candy because she earned it. Bless her heart, I hate this for her. But what else can we do? Hopefully Dr.G can help. I realized she is still alittle girl that wants to be just normal. Just like her sister and her friends.

So next week i will have to talk to the dr, about this and see if he can come up with any other suggestions.

National Pancake day

Today is National Pancake/waffle day, we really do not serve pancakes, however if we did for Patience on special occasions it would be Bucketwheat or Cinnamon/Sweet Potato with Sugar free syrup. Honestly Patience rarely asks for bread products  we really try to encourage fresh fruit and Protein for breakfast. There will be times Simplicity will ask for waffles, so for her we also get whole wheat waffles from Eggo. - For Simplicity, its sometimes hard to ask her to give everything up on account of Patience. So I look for the healthiest choice for the products most families can feed their children that do not have a insulin problem.