Thursday, June 17, 2010

Food Diary

For Breakfast Banana Berry Shake. A nice sweet treat.
This morning we went to the market picked up our usual items
Banana's, Almonds, Broccoli, more water, Berries, Cherries,
Lettuce, Apples. Some of our everyday items we use every week. My trip to the market was less time- because we basically avoided all the junk food aisles.- There was no Momma can i have cookies and chips. The children are actually helping getting those things in the cart. Patience new snack she loves are fruit bars- no sugar added. Dr. G suggested it for her as a treat. Especially in the summer.- only 25 calories.
I feel so "Grown up" ....LOL at age 38 with my grocery items.
Jerry and I always laugh and say if Dr. Phil or Dr. G seen us shopping they would be so proud of the choices. :)

Patience has gotten in the habit of telling my father her Papa "You know Papa that isn't so good for you it is terrible for your health." - my father is a diabetic and loves sweets.

Morning Snack apple with about 12 almonds

Lunch was Moroccan style chicken with Lentil bean salad.- I thought I had taken a picture I believe it had gotten erased. The meal was 305 calories.

Afternoon snack protein bar. Yogurt berry. Only200 calories

Dinner Chicken Italian, Chickpea bean salad and mixed veggies the meal was 350 calories. I went for a 45 minute brisk walk and did the basic crunches and squats, worked on the exercise bike and burned 300 calories. And drank all 8 bottles of water. I have decided not to weigh everyday- going to weigh once a week. It is easy to become discouraged if the scale is staying the same. I have two weeks before we weigh in again for Dr. G. - Going to work very hard to get the numbers down.

I use this calorie calculator to help me keep track of how many calories I will burn. You think alot differently about what food choices to eat when you have to work to burn the calories. Instead of the protein bar it would have been better to chose a piece of fruit with almonds or almond butter for snack. I had to ride on the bike for 45 minutes to burn that off. The protein bar wasnt bad for me- next time I will chose fruit for the afternoon snack or tomatoe, or boiled egg.

Went to the doctor today had more bloodwork drawn- I have to contiue in two more weeks. I just want the testing to be done and over. Waiting for my Hcg levels to fall.- Very thankful for my husband Jerry and my three children.