Thursday, May 27, 2010


Lunch is Chicken, Lima Bean mix, and Rice. Looks like alot of rice but it isn't. 1 cup. This meal was 329 Calories. Remembering to eat the starch for lunch.
The meals have brown rice or Long grain rice.

In the past, before the plan.we would have a meal close to this but it so easy to just go ahead and eat the left overs.What i have learned for life is no it's not OK- measure the food. In the future when shopping I will purchase the bag of brown rice instead of the nice little Rice a Ronni pack that has a ton of  sodium in it. Plain is better- you can add your own spices. And love those veggies.

Snack was 12 Almonds with a Banana

A piece of Salmon and a Huge Salad
Tomatoes,cucumbers,Lettuce,Red onions and a few grapes. A spoon of Jerry's homemade Salad dressing.- Very low cal.

Food Diary

Shaking it up for Breakfast again. All this week the nutritionist has us doing the shake. Which I love. A nice chocolate treat!!!!
I put a frozen banana in mine this morning.
The Shake isn't meant for a lifetime, He has shown us what to eat for breakfast and what not to eat.

Here is the good food list:
Turkey Bacon ( a few slices)
Oatmeal/Greek yogurt/ fruit
Veggies you cannot go wrong.

Whole Wheat Waffle- if you your going to have them every now and then and sugar free syrup.
Whole wheat wraps are good for the veggies
I would rather have a lot of fruit and a nice big plate of veggies and egg instead. We fix the crock pot oatmeal on the weekends with the steel cut oats and add fruit.

This was my morning fruit Patience and I shared it, Guess which munchkin ate most of the Strawberries? Not complaining I love for my children to have the love of fruit. Instead of all the prepacked sugar.

Up before the break of dawn

Jerry has to be at work at 7:00 am in the mornings so usually he is up doing his exercises before work. It is important to fit that time in your schedule. So many times in the past when he worked odd hours it would be so easy to say I just don't have time. I am so proud of him now he has lost 100 pounds.

What he is holding in his hand can be purchased at Walmart for as little as $15.00 for a whole set. And you do rows with them. They tighten the muscles in your arms and get rid of the Flab!!! Jerry is down to a Large shirt now- for the man who was once a 3 X. The workout shorts are HUGE!!!

He also went for a 30 minute walk before work and will go for the family walk this evening. Make time for yourself. YOU deserve it.

He did more than just those two things and at a later time I will show you some easy workout tips you can do at home.- All free!!!


Ok I will not lie, My children drank Diet Cola for years, Mainly because that was what I would drink. Water can get alittle boring for children even for adults. So instead of Soda we have Vitamin water as a treat. Or no sugar juice. I mean soda's are every where.- Sad!!!! Especially for the little ones.

When I do drink the vitamin water I usually drink half with half water. It isnt to sweet but sweet enough for me. And plus I do not need to use extra calories all in one treat :)

Why Dont they sell these things at the Movies instead of coke? Even at Patience's fun day at school the drink they were serving was oddles and oddles of coke!!!!

This photo was taken last Fall of Jerry and Patience, 100 pound weight loss for Jerry and 25 for Patience. It would be unhealthy for Patience to lose to much more right now because she is still growing. For the sweet little girl who once wore a Ladies large is now wearing clothes from the girls dept. Who are these nice people?