Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I ordered a new cook book

I ordered the cookbook deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. Very excited. The book shows clever ways of adding veggies to your child's diet. With Simplicity that is much needed. So that means more healthy recipes coming up for snacks. I understand that beet and black bean brownies may not sound good. However people have said you will not notice. Cannot wait to use my new food processor to make these recipes. Pictures and recipes to come.

This evening we go to Patience's first grade orientation, Tomorrow a endo appointment for Patience and this afternoon we speak to Dr. G over the phone. Looks like a busy week. And Friday is the first day of school.
I have been super cleaning and this weekend plan to do some chopping and freezing for the busy school weeks ahead.
Lets face it when children are back in school you have homework, appointments, and busy days and it is very easy to fall into the quick snack that isn't so good for your family. Jerry and I are really trying to make things as good for the kids as possible in their nutrition choices.
It feels so wonderful for the girls to go to the market and say Momma can we have some of these strawberries or cherries. Instead of momma can we have some chips and dips.
Every now and then we will make a nice homemade dip for them with pita chips or air popped popcorn with our own seasonings.