Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thinking of starting...

Jerry and I discussed starting a local support group for families with obese children/insulin resistant. We are by no means experts on the subject and in no way doctors nor in the position to give medical advice. However we know we need to pay things forward. Whether it be a walking group for families or a support group. Giving basic information we have learned.

I went to eat lunch with Simplicity at school yesterday, and goodness it was so sad how many of the girls in her class were heavier. And their food choices were unbelievable. Of course they are children, well meaning parents think they are doing the right thing by allowing their children to eat the school lunch. The menu consisted of Pizza,brownie, chocolate milk, french fries. Of course it was a Friday but still.

Jerry knows he would like to do something but is Little hesitant, afraid he will not have enough to say. ( I laughed to myself on that one)Or he will not give the proper advice. And I said Jerry our group will not be to give medical advice it will be to offer support and to teach what we have learned. How we deal with classroom parties, holidays, all the things Dr. G has taught us.

Also Dr. G our nutriontist when speaking on the phone to Jerry said thinking of letting you guys be my poster family, with People magazine. And Jerry laughed and Dr. G said don't laugh I'm not joking....
So...who knows.

I am excited about our new group we may start. Being shy myself, however i have to remember all the families that are struggling the way we once did. And still do at times but given the tools the road is alittle smoother journey now. Patience still reminds overweight, however things are more managable and she is no longer in the danger zone. We are finally able to get her clothes in the childrens dept instead of ladies.