Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today is National Coffee day!!!!

I never was much of a coffee drinker, however since we have started the diet, I occasionally drink coffee instead of reaching for a baked good at get to gathers. I get a cup of coffee instead of eating.
But I do not add real sugar we add Stevia. And if we were to use creamer it is sugar free creamer.  I love Starbucks Frappe but,,,they have a outrageous amount of calories in the glass bottles in the stores. Who needs the calories? So our answer about coffee is, Within moderation without all the sugar and cream. Far much better than reaching for a cookie or brownie. We have started to try different flavored hot teas.
I usually carry stevia in my purse and the packet creamer, in a zip lock bag. " Just in case" desert is offered instead of being rude we will drink the coffee. After you start to lose the weight many times well meaning family members and friends will say oh little piece is not going to hurt you. Or its OK to splurge just this one time. :)
I hope today on your journey if you decide to celebrate coffee day, you not only enjoy the cup but you enjoy a good book or a wonderful conversation with a dear friend. Its coffee day , enjoy. At a later time i will post a picture of our dr. Phil mugs we received from the show. Jerry drinks out of his mug...and then puts it up on a shelf. He is almost afraid it will get broken i Can you tell he is a huge fan?