Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Simplicity and her chicken tenders

To be honest we have not had breaded chicken in a year, and i really do not care to. However Simplicity loves chicken tenders  breaded of course!!! It is truly sad at her school chicken tenders and fried foods are served on a regular basis.
Anyway I have not tried this recipe yet, well honestly because I do not want to give Patience the impression breaded foods are ok. However i seen this recipe on the Doctors show and thought I would share.'s%20Recipes

It is the second recipe down. And also a healthier option for mashed potatoes. - Cauliflower.
I doubt that I will make this chicken recipe but i would much rather make Simplicity something at home than for her to go to walmart and get chicken tenders in a bunch of oil.  Just wanted to share. These recipes are from Chef Rocco's new book Eat this not that.

Before when we were trying to "Diet" ourselves we would make weight watchers speical K baked chicken in the oven. For the Crispy taste. Anyway...what i have come to find out is the closest to grilled or natural you eat the better for you. However Simplicity is 11 years old. One day she will want her chicken tenders. :(

Word of Encouragement Today

Luke 18:27   The Things that are Impossible with Men Are possible with God.

Todays National food Holiday is Linguine

In which I wanted to answer a question, Do we still eat Pasta?
To be honest, not really for Jerry and I. Our tastes have become so accustomed to the veggie/protein meal we do not really crave pasta.
We love veggies and seafood. We could grill some eggplant along with some onions and tomatoes and mushrooms and add pasta sauce. And if we wanted sprinkle Little of freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

With Patience eating pasta is a different story. Maybe once or twice a month I will have spaghetti night for her and Simplicity. will be whole wheat pasta. And a good size Salad will accompany her pasta.
With all the veggies. The purpose of that is to balance it out. To make her fill up on veggies instead of pasta.
Of course we use Turkey meat for the sauce.
I have notice Patience since she is so used to the veggie/protein pattern after eating pasta she will become sleepy. Although it is whole wheat. Anyway...our pasta never includes bread sticks etc.

Pasta is not a bad thing if used in Moderation. For our family, it is not needed. Patience will sometimes ask for the eggplant with Pasta sauce. We always make our sauce  with no sugar.  I hope today on your journeys if you choose to eat Pasta you take a try out of whole wheat, it isnt that bad. And just another step to being healthier.

I wanted to include the recommended serving sizes of Pasta. This link also has a online food diary.

I remember last year when we went to Hollywood and ordered from the hotel room Patience food the serving size for a child was Huge. We had asked for whole wheat but they did not have it. When i look at this photo I feel like crying...but then i have to remember Patience has done so well. And she is no longer weighing as much. I am sharing this photo to remind myself look how far she has come. She did not eat all the pasta in this bowl. So thankful we know what it does to her body. After she had the pasta she was tired. I am so proud of my Patience.
She was beat, that day she had toured Hollywood and taped for the show, But i know she really enjoyed herself. Something about Patience and being the center of attention...;)- she doesn't mind. She has proven to me time and time again- never let your outer appearance outweigh your inner beauty, she has always let her spirit shine. Even when she was heavier, she never was afraid to  sing or dance. :)