Saturday, August 21, 2010

Avocado Spread

1/2 cup of nonfat plain yogurt
1 Tablespoon low fat mayo
1Tablespoon of lemon or lime juice
1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
1 Avocado

Open the Avocado and scoop out all the avocado and place all in food processor. Refrigerate up to two days in air container or freeze for one month.

Could be used as a dip with carrot sticks or celery, or place in a lettuce wrap.
Eating healthy fats reduces the amount of unhealthy fats in the blood stream.

Dr. Sears Guilt Free Soft Serve Ice cream

2 Frozen Bananas cut up
Splash of soy milk

Remove Frozen Bananas from the freezer and allow them to thaw for two minutes. Put them in food processor and process into a nice thick cream. Scoop into a cup and serve.
Special Additions
Frozen berries
Kale or Spinach or Vanilla.  The kale or fresh Spinach makes it a nice green color and the taste of the veggie cannot be detected.
As I have said before we always tell Patience, not all ice cream is OK and we let her help make the recipes. Not a everyday thing- just a treat for when they have to have their ice cream. Thinking of that they haven't been to Mickey Dees in a year. :)

Sunday Morning Steel Cut Oatmeal

1 Cup of Steel cut Oatmeal, 4and 1/2 cup of water and one apple chopped. And cinnamon if you like a sprinkle. Spray crock pot with non stick no fat spray. Cook on low for 6 and half to eight hours. And breakfast will be ready. You could add a alittle agava nectar or a tiny bit of stevia before you eat.

No doughnuts at church, for the children. And a breakfast I can feel very good about for them. Little effort it cooked while we were sleeping.

I Love making cupcakes... cupcake hair clips that is!!!

The girls have hair clips to match almost every outfit. By now I believe the lady at Walmart in the craft dept knows me .I'm really looking forward to the Holidays to make sweet little hair clips with ghosts, candy apple, and pumpkins. I'm not a craft er this is just something I do for fun for my girls. And so glad they "go along with it" They steal my heart. And of course Kaplin does also!!! :) I encourage any mother of girls to learn to make their own little clips instead of buying from a boutique. You can do it.


One of Simplicity's Faves is BLT, OK lets be for real if i served that all the time Jerry, Patience nor I would lose the weight. However we cannot ask Simplicity to give up everything. One thing we will do is let Simplicity have what she likes and let Patience have it also.

Turkey Bacon
Red leaf lettuce
And a small amount of Kraft cheese (  not always)

Patience doesn't ask for the bread, she doesn't miss it.
Protein/veggie- Perfectly safe.
We seldom purchase cheese- Patience has grown fond of  feta- and all it takes is a small sprinkle.

I was a vegetarian for many years- so in reality this feels like it is cheating. However Simplicity is not a vegetarian and she really needs to eat!!! So it is what it is. Jerry and I diet is mostly veggies or fish or Chicken. ( At this point I'm not to crazzy about chicken)

Bless my Simplicitys heart at age 11 she is only a size 7, so course Im going to make her Blt for her every now and then.

Black Bean Brownies

My children no longer ask for the typical treats, Although the temptations are everywhere. Patience is selling candy for her Girl Scout troop right now.Her class received pixie sticks for good behavior!!! She handles it all with Grace.My sweet girl.
So what did I do I made them a treat, your probably thinking how can black bean brownies be good.
They are. And the good thing about them is Patience ate the one Brownie, the fiber in it made her brain believe OK you have had enough. She liked it, the chocolate was rich.

4  eggs
1tsp of vanilla (sugar free if you can find it) if not its OK
2 Tsp of oil
15 oz can of Black beans( no added flavors- try to get no sodium beans)
3Tsp of  Baking coca
1/2 cup of splenda or other sweetener we used stevia - quarter of a cup
1 tsp of baking powder
Grease8x8 pan with baking spray, Heat oven to 375
Drain and Rinse the can of  beans very well
In processor put eggs, vanilla and oil and mix
Add Baking powder and sweetener
Then coca
Then your Black beans make sure you mix until all lumps are out of the beans.
Bake for35 minutes or till it comes out clean using a toothpick.

I promise the kids loved these, didn't even know about the beans. OK what does Dr. G say about this?
He said every now and then but we do not want Patience thinking all Brownies are OK. We have explained to her unless Momma And Daddy say they are OK then they are not. Because the rest of  Brownies out there have to much sugar in them and will make her sick.
She understands.- It is amazing her attitude on this. I have to remember I do not want her to have full blown diabetes in  a couple years, so it is very important to help her now. Thankfully Patience understands.
Sometimes I believe Jerry and I are not saving her, but she saved us.
I made her Tacos on Friday and the cashier said oh your having tacos. I laughed to myself and thought If you only knew, Tacos was a TREAT. And I thought what average family serves all the creamy rich food a few times a week. ( of course the Tacos we made were with Turkey, and whole wheat wraps) And our own seasoning not the packet. Anyway we are aiming to be the typical family that choses to be healthy. Sometimes I will not use the wrap at all and just serve Taco salad. ( A real salad without any shells)
Still Learning.
* A key note to remember when we make a recipe such as this we want Patience to enjoy the taste but not crave the sugar.
 When they are faced in siutuations and offered this sort of thing in the world she will know the item she is being offered is way to sweet. We are trying to get Patience used to the idea now, Treats taste healthy- they do not taste like a big bowl of sugar. - Because trust me there will be times a stranger will think they are doing a good thing by offering your child this type of thing and it have all the fat and sugar.
I never want to go back to Our old life.