Monday, September 6, 2010

In our times of growth we may not see it But we are always held by Gods Love. This little plant that I purchased Patience reminded me of that today.
It was sitting in the window and the thought came to mind.
Growing takes time in no matter what you do whether it be losing weight, growing spirtitually, gettting through a difficult time. No matter what God watches over you and loves you.

They are a pair....

These two are really a pair, Patience is a Mommas girl at times however she loves her daddy very much.
Some  of the photo's are before the weight loss or in the process of losing the weight.

Patience almost reaching 100 pounds last Sept.
Jerry  Last Sept.
Sept. 2010

I Know sometimes it may seem like I am bragging, the whole process is a emotional journey, One in which I am so thankful for that we were given the chance. Would there be these happy smiles in the photos today if we had not went down this road?
We sometimes have to look back to know we never want to go down old roads again.