Monday, October 4, 2010

About Halloween

Just got off the phone with Dr. G, He said if we completely make Patience give up all candy it will hurt her and make her feel as though she is being punished. So he said have a talk with her as a family and say how many pieces of candy do you feel is a good number Patience. Then give the rest to charity. ( in my mind i just want to throw it away) For some reason i see candy and sugar as a bad thing.

Then when she says 20 say something like Oh Patience that is a awfully high number that means a smaller gift. Then if she lowers the number say oh that is a bigger prize.
In other words reward her for making the healthier choice.
We were going to take her to the  J .diabetes Halloween party, they offer healthy snacks and support. I am sure they would make us feel welcome, but I would feel kind of strange knowing she doesn't have full blown diabetes. But I have decided to take a class for myself, since I have type 2 and been in denial for a few years now. We have the nutrition education with Dr. G. But I wanted to learn all I could for myself. I think in my last two pregancies I took my own diabetes lightly. Which I regret.

This has been a long journey, but a real eye opener. It isnt all about the weight its about health and heart also.

National Taco Day....

We still have taco's occasionally, with small wheat wraps. Turkey meat, Tomato's, Lettuce, onions, Taco seasoning, ( made from home) And a small sprinkle of cheese.
For Jerry and I we usually do not eat the wrap. We just have a taco salad ( made at home). And if they kids wanted sour cream, yogurt instead.
They really do not know the difference. We also make shrimp or chicken also. If we were to go out, ( on a rare occasion would  order ourselves and Patience a salad with no shell.
 Because she would want a few chips and salsa also. So we just explain to her if she eats the chips she would need to eat the taco salad with no shell. ( chicken).  Like I said we have not been out in a year..expect for Subway and once this past summer to a Mexican Resturaunt.
I hope today on your journeys your able to enjoy a taste of isnt bad for you, trying to avoid the flour and fried asspects of it. There is always away to be "healthy". Enjoy!!!