Monday, June 28, 2010

Food Diary

Shake for Breakfast with Banana
1 apple
Lunch 3 oz of Turkey, and a salad Romaine lettuce
Tomatoes, celery, red onions, and 1 egg and 2 Tablespoon of homemade dressing
3 large celery sticks with a Tablespoon of  Almond butter
Evening snack
1 Tomato
Dinner- we worked out tonight With Zane so I really wasn't that hungry I drank a shake.
8 water bottles of water and 1 vitamin water.

Awww that phone call is over

Dr. G is just awesome, He understood. He said it is normal and gave me a new food plan.

Shake with fruit

Morning Snack
One fruit

Protein and veggies

Afternoon Snack
Veggie with a scoop of Almond butter
Evening snack- 1 Tomato

Veggies and a shake one night and on alternate nights protein and veggies

This is the plan that Jerry has been doing, so glad Dr. G encouraged me and knew about Hormones (he is a doctor also) We could not ask for a better Nutritionist.- Such a Blessing
Basically with the new plan i am cutting out the starches and eating veggie,protein,fruit.
All nature's food except the shake, I love the shake ( my sweet treat)

Tuesday we go work out with the Trainer Zane.

Food Diary and more

What can I say? It's been two weeks from the last weigh- in and although I have been working out faithfully and eating the meal plan my weight loss this morning was only another 2 pounds.
We speak to Dr. G today. I believe my weight loss right now is contributed to hormones being out of place. Anyway today is a new day and I began taking pictures and working out even more!!!
He said the last time we spoke my plan will change. The weight loss has nothing to do with the food plan it has to do with my hormones right now. All I can do is keep trying.  I will probably be put in food jail which is fine with me. I want to lose more than just two pounds.

I feel like on the biggest loser when they go to weigh and they have gained instead of lost. Even though i know they work hard on that show- I always think to myself What is the problem, you have help doing this. I guess all i can do keep trying and work harder. Rome wasn't built in a day.
Jerry weighed this morning and he is 188!!!  That is 320 down to 188, SO proud of him.
Without sounding jealous I am very proud of him and i know he works hard. But I am not understanding the reason it is taking me so long.

This past weekend Patience girl scout troop went to the zoo And Build a bear. Jerry, simplicity and me joined them. And we also ate at the mall- it becomes less of a struggle with Patience she now calls McDonald's yucky food.- They do offer salads though. Although her friends in the girl scout troop all ate separate food from different places I noticed she ate most healthiest. There will be times in her life we will be faced with situations where a group is eating at McDonald's, Pizza hut etc. And with the new food skills she knows to ask for grilled chicken,turkey, veggies etc. We all ate at subway.- it was the best the Mall offered and couldn't very well say no thanks, she will not be eating. Simplicity or kaplin could very well eat at McDonald's- and not gain weight. But for Patience it isn't possible. So as a family we try to all eat at the same place. The one thing I am really guilty about is observing what others eat and making a comment to Jerry Patience will pick up on that and say to her friends that is not a very good food choice!!! (so I need to be careful of being a food snob)

I thought it was funny the girls all picked the same animal, I had wished Patience would have gotten a adorable bunny. But she wanted to be like her friends. She named her doggie Lilly. She names all of her baby dolls lilly right now.

Patience and her girl scout troop and Leader Jodi.
She really cares about her friends. And lets us know every other week when her meetings are if she misses a meeting she doesn't like it.

Today I had
Shake and Banana for breakfast
Grilled chicken, and couscous -390 calories
1 hard boiled egg

 Large Salad
Lettuce,red onions, tomatoes, 1 egg, a few soy bacon chips,cucumbers
and homemade salad dressing- very little- made with yogurt
I cut back today with my fruit snacks. And I drank 8 water bottles.

Photo Of Jerry his pant size was once 50. Now 38 :)