Saturday, September 25, 2010

Words of Encouragement

Faith will make things possible not EASY. They always work together.

When i say....protein/veggies it becomes silent.

Yesterday we received a phone call from a sales clerk where we have bought furniture in the past, anyway she called to invite us to a new sale they have, And as we were talking she asked about Patience, Jerry, the show- how they were doing etc....She was very happy to hear of their success. In the conversation she asked about what the diet was. That she had just started a new diet.

And my simple answer was no diet just eating plenty of veggies and proteins.So many times when I say fresh veggies and fruit and protein ,,,,people will become silent.Because they start to think we are saying eat like a diet.. So i thought i would start to make a list to help them along.Out of all the proteins and veggies there has to be something they FAVOR. And can be content without resorting to fast food or food in a box. The key is to find your faves,,,and enjoy. There is no magic pill or recipe it is just getting into your mind Veggies are good for your body and proteins give energy. A way of life, not a diet.And water I always, always remind them about the water and the walking..(but they do not want to hear about the exercise part)

Protein: Grilled or baked chicken, Tuna, boiled or baked fish, almond butter, or natural peanut butter, boiled egg, fried egg in olive oil, scrambled egg, ground turkey, turkey bacon. That is where we get our sources of protein. So for the lunch Veggie/protein I will have 3oz of protein. Whether it be Tuna, baked fish, chicken, and a huge plate of veggies. Beans are full of protein however sometimes they can be a starch so for Jerry and I Dr. G wants us to eliminate the beans right now.
I will try to add photos more often to show you. This morning Patience has her cheering class :) So proud of her and very happy she is staying active. She dances right along with the rest..:)