Friday, July 9, 2010

Something to do besides eating

OK....I am not a craft er, let me say that. Or not a professional hair bow maker. But for fun I do make my daughters hair bows.
Real hair bow artists sew their bows I just hot glue mine. I wanted to share with you a simple hair bow i do.
for my girls

Step one Fold your ribbon in half. I always burn the edges do they do not fray. I love getting the big polka dotted ribbons and holiday ribbons..

Step 2 where you folded your ribbon the crease your going to take the first half and bring to the crease. If i can do this a
anyone can :)

Step there take the other half and bring to the center by there it is going to look like the Cancer awareness ribbons similar to a figure 8. Remember i Hot glued mine so you hot glue with every step.

I have hot glued the center of each middle of the where my crease is.

After this is done I usually add a silk flower, or Letters Like a P for Patience, the iron on letters  or I add a fancy button.
Then I hot glue the clip on the back.

I hope to start making the bows with little Palmer clay figures like cupcakes

Since my Simplicity is almost 12 she doesnt wear the bows much, only on Holidays. Or something fun.
Patience is a good sport about it and always says ohhh Momma you made me a new bow.
I love love love my girls sooo much.