Wednesday, June 2, 2010


OK I haven't been as loyal taking pictures, I have been feeling under the weather. Sticking to the plan though. I am recovering from a D and C. I recently had a loss. To be honest three years ago when I lost my daughter Star at 19 weeks that is really when i began to pile on the weight for myself. Instead of facing the grief i chose to eat.
But today is a new day and I do plan to have a Healthy pregnancy in the future.
For today though- is a new day And God has made all things new. Sticking to the healthy life style plan and working out. Trying to get back on track with health. I honestly believe I never would have even gotten pregnant if i hadn't lost the weight that i have so far.
These two really inspire me to press on. I am so proud of their weight loss. If a sweet little girl can do this why shouldnt I? Although last night I felt like i had been ran over by a truck- Patience said Momma I do the workouts- can you please do this for me Momma.- Who could tell her no. I love her so much.

Today was a busy day with the girls, I took them to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid,- not my choice, and afterwards we went to Target and they got them a Treat at Starbucks. With Patience I ask for everything Low-fat, they used soy in hers. That is not a everyday thing. Very few times do we spluge on "junk food.
She is doing very well keeping her weight stable. There are alot of times we just say no. She knew it was a special treat and we do not do this everyday. Like when we were at Walmarts the other day the Bakery lady ask her if she would like a cookie she said No Thank. Saying no to her is also reminding myself it is to save her life. Patience understands that she does not have a body like her sister's and what is ok for Simplicity could make her sick or make her put on the weight. Simplicity sees the family as a whole eating healthy so she is not asking for the junk either.
Food Diary
Shake for Breakfast, It honestly is enough.
And the shake is under the advice of the doctor this isnt a Fad diet. It is a lifestyle change. One thing i have learned if you do not work out you just maintain- no weight comes off.

For Snack- 12 Almonds and one apple

Lunch 1 Chicken Breast, 1 and half cups of beans, Green Beans and Carrots.
Looks like alot of food in the photo, When you are working out it is enough.

Snack - 1 Handful of popcorn- no extra butter at the movies.- no more than that. So proud of myself.

For Dinner
A Big Salad with a piece of Salmon- No cheese.

Fun day it was nice to get out of the house with the girls