Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today is National Trail mix day or Eat outside day

And also the day I first met my husband in real life.

We met online and had spoken for 6 months then finally decided to meet. At the time meeting online was kind of a new thing. My parents were little weary, but I trusted my heart and we were married 8 months later. :)
So August 31 holds a special place in my heart. When Jerry met Simplicity a few weeks later he gave her the cutest Halloween barbie.Who knows where the barbie is now but its the little things you never forget.

Today we go work out with the trainer Zane, so it might just be little trail mix on the way to the gym for the kids.

The barbie was close to this but it had the cutest orange polka  dot skirt with black dots. I thought that was so sweet of Jerry. It held alittle pumpkin. It is the little things :)
This is how little my Simplicity was when Jerry and I met. Kaplin and Simplicity both captured his heart.
This song Hero, was very popular when we had met, and as were talking each night it would play on the radio, so the song Hero holds a special place in my heart.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDzi3NvQ5Vw

It takes a very special hero to have a blended family and never think twice. 8 years ago today we met.
A newer updated photo of Jerry he is now 174 down from 330!!! He has cut his hair since this photo but I am so proud of Jerry and his weight loss. I surely hope the Dr. does not wish for him to lose more. :) These are Kaplin's clothing.

And it also blows my mind how last year at this time my sweet Patience was almost 100 pounds.

How can the photo here be the same girl in the upper right hand corner. If it seems like I am bragging...I guess I may-be alittle. :) I plan to post photo's of myself when I have reached the goal weight.