Sunday, September 5, 2010

Todays National Food Holiday day is Cheese Pizza!!!

OK I would be lieing if our family vowed to never eat pizza again. If we vowed to do that we would be setting our self up. Kids will be kids, and while it would just be easier to just call Domino's  than have our fresh homemade pizza, or domion's with all the ooey gooey taste. I have to consider Patience. And what it does to her body and how it would be so easy to fall back into the food trap.
So we occasionally have pizza night a couple nights  month, but we try to make it our self. If we did order from Domino's it would be a medium for the whole family and  salads on the side. Besides making your pizza is fun.It is a shame how Kaplin's high school offers pizza daily on the menu. He is a great kid, and of course he picks the pizza.

Whole Wheat Crust Pizza
1 pkg of Hodgson Mill Active dry yeast
1cup of warm water
11/2 cups of Wheat flour
1/2 tsp. of salt
2 Tsp. olive oil
11/2 cups of unbleached white flour

Disvovle yeast in warm water Allow to rest for 5 minutes Stir in whole wheat, salt,olive oil, and white unbleached flour. by hand about 5 minutes. Dough will be smooth and elestic
Spray meduim bowl with cooking no stick spray place pizza dough in bown and turn cover and allow to rise in warm draft free bowl for 15 minutes spray one 14 inch pizza or two  10 inch pans. Bake till cheese is melted and crust is brown.
We make sure the kids experience the joy of cooking, adding the different veggies and spices And sauces. Pizza night just isn't about vegging out in front of the TV it is becoming a chef and spending time with family.
Hope today on your journeys you have a taste of Italy. After all its national cheese pizza day.
Patience loves Banana peppers on her pizza with cheese.
Simplicity's favorite is cheese and Turkey pepperoni
Kaplin loves turkey pepperoni with banana peppers
I love tons of veggies
And Jerry loves black olives

Another healthier alternative would be whole wheat tortilla's for the crust.