Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Southern Fried Food Festival

Have you ever heard of such, next week in a town over from us they are having this: The menu includes Fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, french fries, Fried twinkies, fried sneackers bars, funnel cakes, Fried apples, you name it and it is fried!!!! Fried oreo's.

How do we handle this as parents? And for ourselves? Not go? And hear the kids say oh its a carnvial we want to go!!! And say no sorry kids we cannot go ever!!! I have to admit Fried green tomatoes sound pretty yummy. However do they have nutrintional value? And will i put on a few pounds?

What we will do as a family is let the children go walk around, ride some rides, play in the bouncy thing, pet the animals. Enjoy all the facuets of the festival but not even go around the food. Do not even go down the lane. However the pay off is either before the festival go to subway, or a healthier food choice place to eat  before or after.

That is the way it has to be, In the case of Simplicity if she were going with a friend and their parents I would probally give her some money to get her a carmel apple or such. Simplicity is actually underweight. But it wouldnt be alot the focus would be on the festival. It is all about loving yourself and choosing the best for your body.  Of course Jerry  and I may look at each other and smile and say ohhh, but really try not to in front of Patience because we are more able to say no than she is, she is still a child. If she sees the cotton candy of course she will want to be more like the other kids. I know I always say this but I am so very proud of my Patience and her will power. - Very sweet girl. From a geographic stand point, we are going to have festivals like this come up. But is all about doing what is right for our daughter and learning to adapt.

Also on a side note, Patience and Simplicity started a Cheerleading Class last week. I figured it would be good excerise for Patience and help to keep her active. She is bigger than the other girls but she puts all she has into the class. Some of the flips were to much for her. Because Patience still is heavier for her age. However as long as she wants to do the class I will contiune to encourage her. If she chooses to do dance or karate i will encourage that as well. Patience is not a quitter. We meet with the trainer tonight. :)- Patience still attends Girls Scouts also. We really try to keep her busy or she keeps us busy!!!

A word of Encouragemnet

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, Says the Lord They are plans of good and not for disaster to give you a future and a Hope.

Thinking about a year ago sitting on my couch seeing Patience continue to gain the weight, taking her to all different doctors running around town. I thought things were hopeless. Her life was going to continue to remain in the unhealthy body. And then the commerical came on with Dr. Phil. that he wanted parents who needed the help. I actually laughed and said oh the chances of him choosing our family is slim.It was a very hard time for me, it is was getting to the point even adults in the stores were whispering at her and her weight. People can be judgemental if they do not know you.

I know i have shared that before but I am just so so thankful, God blessed our family with the knowledge of how to help Patience with her food plan and well the whole family.

Whether it be weight loss, a job, a medical problem whatever your need be remind yourself God has hope for your future. Sometimes it may take much effort on your part, I didn't just write the show and boom we were picked. I had to send in photos, videos, tell our story.

There is hope for your future, although I have some medical obstacles at this moment I am so grateful for medical doctors and their advancements.Have a blessed day today and know God loves you and has much hope for your future. Even if you have only lost a few pounds, know you can continue to prosper and keep going.