Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday party

Patience had her 6th birthday party today, it was a very nice little party. We invited her Memaw and papa, and her two little friends in the neighborhood. Carly and Abby and their parents.
Her Brother Kaplin,
 Kaplin doesn't like his picture taken very much. Under the tough guy is a very sweet young man. I believe Kaplin doesn't like his picture taken to much because his Me maw took his picture so much when he was a  Kaplin when he was small won second place in Most photogenic baby. :) He almost won a modeling contract and trip to New York... ( I am a proud Momma) On anyone else I wouldnt like the hair cut very much but your only a teen once it is just a phase. :)
Your only a teen once.

Patience and her Memaw and Papa, my parents
We purchased frozen yogurt and angel food cake with whip creamed icing. We really try to make things as "normal" for Patience as possible. It isnt easy, she makes me so proud- the other day when shopping at Walmart Simplicity wanted a snack of course it was chips....But Patience ran over to the produce and said Momma can i get this yummy looking salad.- So sweet. She trys so hard. And it is really working. She is now starting to tell me the numbers on the back of the labels. Of  how much sugar something has in it. Although she is still overweight- it feels wonderful to shop for her. We do not have to go to the ladies dept this year to try and make a dress for her birthday. :) Last year I went to the ladies and bought a Taylor Swift long shirt and we made a dress out of it. Of course she was as beautiful as ever to me. But she could not understand why she had to do that. This year in the school year she will actually be able to wear jeans. Real jeans instead of cotton leggings.

Here is one of her favorite songs
It's my party they sing in on Alvin and the chipmunks.

She cracks me up when she sings this song :) She knows all the words and does the dramtics of course :)

This photo reminds me of the song....Paitence and sad face :) She had a fun time and still winding down for the night laying on her bed playing her Leaspter2- She wanted a Ds but Simplicity has one we wanted to see how she would do with this and let Santa bring her a Ds. She is happy. :)

Can the years go by slower, ahhh my baby is growing up sooo fast. - The party felt good but couldnt help to be reminded of the little girl i lost recently- this would be the month of the big ultra sound. Very greatful for all of my children but as always remembering the ones that are my angels. Sometimes it doesnt seem real when I go by the baby section. Just to think there could have been twins. I was given twins and lost them. I found myself the other day picking up a baby outfit and remebering my little one. But then quickly walking away and focused on shopping for the girls. God has blessed me so many times who to say he wont again. And I go on to have a healthy pregnancy.- Still struggling with the grief on holdiays and events.
My Sweet girl :)- Rembering the day she was born the first time i seen her - she had very light eye brows. And I said Oh Jerry where are her eyebrows....Lol.