Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Still here

Sticking to the healthy life plan, I plan to post more cooking videos soon. My exercise isn't what it should be I should be walking three miles daily at the least.- due to complications from the D and C I have not been doing that everyday. Not gaining but only lost two more pounds this week, not what i wanted.

I purchased a Electric Bike at a yard sale it will help for the days I have not been walking. I just want this after math of the loss to be over: trips to the doctor and more testing. Things are ok...just praying I do not receive more bad news at the doctor next week. Found out yesterday my hcg numbers are slow falling.

I am very thankful for our trainer and nutritionist who have been very patient with me.

This is a song my children and I have sung in the car before, acted silly to, and I have even made them laugh when they have had hard times- its just our song.
Although a very old song they always know when they hear it on a movie or on the radio. Thought I would post it to remind myself there are better times ahead. The health problem isnt forever. And I can do this.