Saturday, February 5, 2011

I wanted to invite you...

To visit my other blog that will have only meal idea's and photo's of meals.
When we return to the show, If they ask what we eat I would like to be able to share the knowledge we have been given.

But I'm not so sure I want to share my heartbreak of loss with the world.
It's been a long Journey for me because of my miscarrriage loss.

It has been a journey for Simplicity because she is the sister who learned, yes people really do eat boring fruit for snack instead of snack cakes and chips. She has made a change also.

Its been a journey for Jerry because he has transformed into this Ham sandwitch with chips guy, now to a healthy father and husband. And when I say Healthy, it is amazing how he has transformed. He is now 160's. A workout guy and a father who has engery to run and play with his child.

And Best of all it has been a journey for The Heart of this whole thing. Our Patience.  It is just a simple blog of meal photo's and recipes. Still going to add photo clips and tibits but I just wanted to create a simple place for menu plans and recipes.

There is a Place called "Healthy Ever After for this family.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I wanted to just share my feelings, this hasnt been a easy journey for me. I have been very grateful for all the help, it saved my husbands life and my daguthers.

But some how i thought once i lost the weight, my feelings of wanting a new baby would dissappear. My heart is still sad because of my losses. Im very proud of my husband and daughter.

Im sorry i have slacked off on food diary. I have been going to dr.s and Jerry was sick for a few days.

Veggie/protein, fruit.

I will do better about the food diary.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Jerry was in the hopstial he had a virual infection, he had fainted at work. He is home and doing well.

Im ready for a new year.

Food diary

Shake for breakfast with banana
Morning snack 1 egg boiled
Lunch 1 piece of chicken with  steamed cabbage and brocolli
Snack apple with all natural peanut butter
Dinner  Shake with plate of veggies, celery, carrots, cumcumber,tomatoe

9 water bottles

Not every night is a shake night we alternate with fish and veggies or shake and veggies.
I just chose shake because i wanted to go light and i wanted something sweet.

The weather was nice yesterday we took our usual family walk with snickers, he did not enjoy it as much as Bella did but I have to remember he is younger. Such a sweet little guy.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Food Diary

Shake for Breakfast with Tablespoon of natural peanut butter
( sorry I forgot to take photo) I will tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The case of the Rice Krispy Treat and the MOM

I usually try not to let many things upset me. And since this is my journal thought I would write all my feelings good or bad.
Last night Patience had a Girl Scout Meeting and each time the moms take turns bringing snacks.
The snack outline is Healthy Snacks. Fruits, veggies, cheese.

Anyway a well meaning nice mom brought Rice Krispy Treat shaped in Halloween shapes in tons of Icing.
I was so upset on the inside, and of course did not show it.
I allowed Patience to eat the snack, because everyone was raving on how cute they were. And by the time I got in there she was already eating, it was in her sweet little chubby hand- and she was smiling and laughing with her friends. ( After the meeting she Crashed) :(

But deep down i was angry, Angry at the fact no matter what i do, how much we work out, or eat healthy. My little girl will always have to work twice as hard as the other girls to remain- chubby or average.
Not angry at the kids or parents, but angry at the way she has to work so hard.
Alittle upset at the mom- because the snack guidline was healthy!!!!! Not tons of sugar.

And although Patience has lost- We always get the looks from people who do know her. Because she is bigger. Deep down i think- if you only knew what she really eats, probally alot healthier than you. I guess all i can do as a mom is keep doing what we are doing- I cannot change her melabotic makeup.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something different

I found this recipe on the net and with fall break coming up I thought it might be a nice  lunch for the girls.
 We try to limit the bread for Patience. Dr. G wants her to eat her sandwitch for school lunch everyday so i would just serve this for lunch maybe with a few slices of turkey thinly sliced on the side. A clever way to get her to eat her apple with without saying Oh momma Apple again.( she hardly complains)

Whole wheat Tortila's
A small amount of cheese or Vegan cheese
And apple

Spray Tortila with non fat cooking spray
Slice apples very Thin
And sprinkle cheese

Bake in oven until cheese melts. Cheese is not  a product we eat everyday. But thought this would be a nice lunch for the girls one day, Seems like Fall.


I just had to get that out,  Since I have taken a break from facebook and my friends from Silent Grief. I have no one to complain to. ( I miss everyone)- but needed to spend more time with walking and working out. Cannot wait to return!!!
I just received a email from Simplicity's Spelling teacher. Simplicity has the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen. Just beautiful. And I am very judgemental in handwriting. I will rewrite a card if i feel my handwriting isnt neat.

Anyway the teacher wrote a nasty letter how she wants Simplicity to rewrite all of her words because It wasnt in the new style the schools use. They use a new style. I forgot the name.
I know 5th grade is preparing for middle school. But she has a teacher that is just so picky.
And oh their homework is 2 hours nightly or more. And they have homework on the Christmas break!!! Yeah. And on the weekends!!! Their fall break is next week and they have homework!!

But what else can I do ? 5th grade doesnt last forever? :)

National Noodle Day

I think a couple weeks ago I had said we will fix pasta for the girls occasionally. Not to often. But never - white noodles. Wow it really has been a year since i have eaten at the Chinese place.

When we went to the pumpkin farm the other day, Jerry purchased a spaghetti squash and we cut it in half , took out all the seeds and placed it downside for about 45 minutes in the oven. And after it was done scooped out all the squash and Patience and Simplicity both ate it with spaghetti sauce with a tiny bit of cheese. They loved it.
Just a different approach than having noodles.

I was watching a TV show and they were showing economical ways for college kids to buy groceries and one of the items was the ram en noodles with a salad and some fruit. I sat there and shook my head. I once loved ram en noodles, but today honestly i probably could not eat them. ( and i totally understand if that is all someone could afford) I just had remembered how Patience would eat as a toddler and it helped her to gain the weight. :( - I really miss the days of all my children being toddlers. So sweet!!!

If we do purchase noodles it is whole wheat. Not to much more in the store. I think we have one small box in the cabinet now that is half full. - that is how much we use noodles. - And i had bought it weeks ago.

Noodles are not bad, but i think in moderation. One of my favorite things to fix in the fall when everyone is not feeling welll is Homemade chicken soup. If i do make it, it will only have a small amount of wheat noodles if any. It will probably be all veggies with the chicken. ( Jerry and Patience have alittle cough right now) :(

I hope today on your journeys, you give giving  the healthier noodles a try, they are not that bad.

Monday, October 4, 2010

About Halloween

Just got off the phone with Dr. G, He said if we completely make Patience give up all candy it will hurt her and make her feel as though she is being punished. So he said have a talk with her as a family and say how many pieces of candy do you feel is a good number Patience. Then give the rest to charity. ( in my mind i just want to throw it away) For some reason i see candy and sugar as a bad thing.

Then when she says 20 say something like Oh Patience that is a awfully high number that means a smaller gift. Then if she lowers the number say oh that is a bigger prize.
In other words reward her for making the healthier choice.
We were going to take her to the  J .diabetes Halloween party, they offer healthy snacks and support. I am sure they would make us feel welcome, but I would feel kind of strange knowing she doesn't have full blown diabetes. But I have decided to take a class for myself, since I have type 2 and been in denial for a few years now. We have the nutrition education with Dr. G. But I wanted to learn all I could for myself. I think in my last two pregancies I took my own diabetes lightly. Which I regret.

This has been a long journey, but a real eye opener. It isnt all about the weight its about health and heart also.

National Taco Day....

We still have taco's occasionally, with small wheat wraps. Turkey meat, Tomato's, Lettuce, onions, Taco seasoning, ( made from home) And a small sprinkle of cheese.
For Jerry and I we usually do not eat the wrap. We just have a taco salad ( made at home). And if they kids wanted sour cream, yogurt instead.
They really do not know the difference. We also make shrimp or chicken also. If we were to go out, ( on a rare occasion would  order ourselves and Patience a salad with no shell.
 Because she would want a few chips and salsa also. So we just explain to her if she eats the chips she would need to eat the taco salad with no shell. ( chicken).  Like I said we have not been out in a year..expect for Subway and once this past summer to a Mexican Resturaunt.
I hope today on your journeys your able to enjoy a taste of isnt bad for you, trying to avoid the flour and fried asspects of it. There is always away to be "healthy". Enjoy!!!