Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Over the summer, Patience

Moving along

Spoke with the doctor yesterday, New food plan

Breakfast - shake with banana
snack- tomato
Lunch- veggie and protein  ( chicken breast for protein)
snacck -veggie and almond butter
evening snack- veggie and egg
Dinner- veggie and shake

Seems like alot of food. Basically kind of like what I was doing but replacing veggies with the fruit that i was eating.

My feelings- just want to lose all the weight and go on to the show. Sometimes alittle sad about the loss of the babies. But encouraged to press on. Losing the weight takes my mind off of the grief but does not fully heal my heart. When we go back to Hollywood i will not be pregnant. I had so hoped having a success story with my rainbow baby. But that isnt going to happen just yet. I guess it is meant to be I lose the weight first.