Friday, June 18, 2010

Food diary

Shake for Breakfast with one Banana and a tablespoon of almond butter

Morning snack apple with 12 almonds. It really looks boring that I eat the same thing almost everyday- apples and oranges are inexpensive. I have berries sometimes also. Anything natural become a awesome snack.

Lunch Roasted Turkey, squash medley, pureed broccoli. It is one of my favorites from Bistro Md. Like having Thanksgiving in June
Afternoon snack a hard boiled egg. Never go wrong with protein. -Ha ha this is Patience's toddler plate I saved it for sentimental reasons.- Hopefully able to use it again some day.

Dinner Big Salad with Jerk Spiced Fish.

I haven't done a puzzle in years, This isn't quite as pretty as I would have liked. But it is something we can do as a family. A friend gave me thought, I had forgotten all about puzzles.

Patience got her ears pierced today, we had always promised her when she was six she could. She will be six in a couple weeks. While we were at walmart getting the puzzle she remembered. :)
She was such a big girl about it.

Going for  the nightly family walk, we live in a rural area, so right around the corner from our small sub division it feels like the country. It is beautiful to go for our walks and see the cows ,horses, and goats.
Our dog Bella always goes with us on the walks, by the time we get back home Bella is ready for bed.

Couldn't resist this is Our Theme song to our Town. I really do enjoy the country life.