Friday, September 24, 2010

Todays Food Holiday is ...

Crab meat, Patience loves taking imitation crab in her lunch.

I make a spicy home made salad not mayo based.
 Bell pepper,onions, celery, crab, Little dash of chili powder and lemon juice. And the tiniest bit of italin dressing for the kick. (not alot) or Basalmic Vingear.
(Imitation is of course less money) - we haved used the real also.

I hope today on your journeys you enjoy Little bit of seafood.

Food Plan for the week

As Dr. G affectionatly calls it "Food Jail" He is so funny!!!!:)

Breakfast- Whey Protein shake, A tablespoon of almond butter, and 1 Banana
Morning snack- Tomato
Lunch- Protein /veggie
Afternoon snack- egg, tomato
Dinner- veggies/shake and switching every other night fish/veggie

As long as I am eating according to the plan and drinking all the water- it doesn't seem like food jail at all. Just a healthy way of eating.
When driving in the mornings i see all the fast food places and think, wow look at the money we have saved. We have not eaten out in a year. Subway occasionally, I could not imagine ever going back to eating fast food regularly. If you notice the new food plan has very little fruit- A banana in the mornings. Not that fruit is bad ,,,for me my body processes protein the best. If my sugar gets alittle low i am allowed some grapes or other fruit.. Got to love food jail ;)