Thursday, July 8, 2010


I loved Toy Story 3, although I cried cried cried a good part of the movie. My oldest child Kaplin was a toddler when the movie came out. So the little boy in the movie was 17 also. Kaplin will not be 17 until January.
Oh my goodness my son melts my heart- It is amazing watching him grow into a young man but boy i miss my little boy :)
I am learning the need for wanting to protect your children does not stop when they are a baby. Kaplin will be driving himself to school in October-- and I am so scared for him out there on the road. My baby will be going out with friends and just acting  like a grown up. I miss my little boy- when i could keep him safe inside on the couch in his Toy story slippers watching Toy Story on tape. :) But growing up happens. I have so much love for my son Kaplin.