Monday, October 4, 2010

National Taco Day....

We still have taco's occasionally, with small wheat wraps. Turkey meat, Tomato's, Lettuce, onions, Taco seasoning, ( made from home) And a small sprinkle of cheese.
For Jerry and I we usually do not eat the wrap. We just have a taco salad ( made at home). And if they kids wanted sour cream, yogurt instead.
They really do not know the difference. We also make shrimp or chicken also. If we were to go out, ( on a rare occasion would  order ourselves and Patience a salad with no shell.
 Because she would want a few chips and salsa also. So we just explain to her if she eats the chips she would need to eat the taco salad with no shell. ( chicken).  Like I said we have not been out in a year..expect for Subway and once this past summer to a Mexican Resturaunt.
I hope today on your journeys your able to enjoy a taste of isnt bad for you, trying to avoid the flour and fried asspects of it. There is always away to be "healthy". Enjoy!!!

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