Saturday, February 5, 2011

I wanted to invite you...

To visit my other blog that will have only meal idea's and photo's of meals.
When we return to the show, If they ask what we eat I would like to be able to share the knowledge we have been given.

But I'm not so sure I want to share my heartbreak of loss with the world.
It's been a long Journey for me because of my miscarrriage loss.

It has been a journey for Simplicity because she is the sister who learned, yes people really do eat boring fruit for snack instead of snack cakes and chips. She has made a change also.

Its been a journey for Jerry because he has transformed into this Ham sandwitch with chips guy, now to a healthy father and husband. And when I say Healthy, it is amazing how he has transformed. He is now 160's. A workout guy and a father who has engery to run and play with his child.

And Best of all it has been a journey for The Heart of this whole thing. Our Patience.  It is just a simple blog of meal photo's and recipes. Still going to add photo clips and tibits but I just wanted to create a simple place for menu plans and recipes.

There is a Place called "Healthy Ever After for this family.

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