Wednesday, October 6, 2010

National Noodle Day

I think a couple weeks ago I had said we will fix pasta for the girls occasionally. Not to often. But never - white noodles. Wow it really has been a year since i have eaten at the Chinese place.

When we went to the pumpkin farm the other day, Jerry purchased a spaghetti squash and we cut it in half , took out all the seeds and placed it downside for about 45 minutes in the oven. And after it was done scooped out all the squash and Patience and Simplicity both ate it with spaghetti sauce with a tiny bit of cheese. They loved it.
Just a different approach than having noodles.

I was watching a TV show and they were showing economical ways for college kids to buy groceries and one of the items was the ram en noodles with a salad and some fruit. I sat there and shook my head. I once loved ram en noodles, but today honestly i probably could not eat them. ( and i totally understand if that is all someone could afford) I just had remembered how Patience would eat as a toddler and it helped her to gain the weight. :( - I really miss the days of all my children being toddlers. So sweet!!!

If we do purchase noodles it is whole wheat. Not to much more in the store. I think we have one small box in the cabinet now that is half full. - that is how much we use noodles. - And i had bought it weeks ago.

Noodles are not bad, but i think in moderation. One of my favorite things to fix in the fall when everyone is not feeling welll is Homemade chicken soup. If i do make it, it will only have a small amount of wheat noodles if any. It will probably be all veggies with the chicken. ( Jerry and Patience have alittle cough right now) :(

I hope today on your journeys, you give giving  the healthier noodles a try, they are not that bad.

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